Chi is low

Chi is low by Healing Mudras

chi is low

HI white magic…. as a reiki master i practice reiki quite abundantly since 1999… the past few months though, i noticed my Chi is quite low… i connect this change of frequencies around us…. i have very healthy lifestyle as a vegetarian eating raw food, limiting tea intake to maybe once a month and coffee maybe once every 3-4 months or so… jsut when i only really need it… so what do you recommend…. for low chi which maybe only vibrational internal…. Usually i sleep a lot.. sometimes 12 hrs per night…. they say it is the way this new frequencies operate on us… lightowrkers…Love to you white magic from healingmudras

What to do when your Chi is low, breath, relax, check your thoughts, check your feelings!

Are they positive? Do they serve you? If not, go general, find something that is easy to appreciate. I am sure you will find a few useful tips here.