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Daily Meditation

by Fernando

Before, I was a VERY depressive guy with social anxiety, I was absolutely AFRAID to speak with people, I was sweating a lot of in stress moment, I was afraid for example to go to supermarket, hairdresser, etc. I was very nervous, always running, etc.

And I started doing meditation. After few weeks, I saw a lot of changes, my anxiety decreased, my sweating decreased, I was able to do to supermarket, hairdresser, etc.

After 6 months, nobody could recognize me! I became so calm, nothing stresses me, I can speak with people normally, etc. I sleep very good on night, I got more productive at work, I stopped smoking, etc.

I practice 30 min of standing meditation on morning and 30 min sitting meditation on night.

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Aug 21, 2015 Najaf Abbas
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 Daily practice..