Earth-sky chimneys

Earth-sky chimneys is one of the less known elements of geobiology.

This element has been discovered by a french geobiologist called Guy Tisson.

Earth-sky chimneys breath

These chimneys are breathing spots of mother earth, and they have a regular rhythm.

The inhale, is the phase where the energy flows from sky to earth, takes a few minutes, then there is a pause.

The exhale, phase where the energy flows from earth to sky, takes a few minutes, and again a pause. Usually the inhale is shorter than the exhale.

If you stand on such a chimney with a pendulum in your hand; the pendulum will show you the rhythm of its breathe.

It will turn anti-clockwise for a few minutes , then swing back and forth for a few seconds, then turn clockwise for a few minutes, then again pause by swinging back and forth, and then a new cycle starts again.

Earth sky chimneys are kind of mini vortexes, they are located, more or less every ten meters above earth, until now no chimneys have been found in oceans, lakes or rivers.

Each earth-sky chimney has a heart, the center, and seven concentric circles around it, the diameter of the largest circle can go up to six meters.

Most of the chimneys have kind of rays called “arms”, usually one to nine.

These rays have the shape of leaves and extend the chimney’s influence to areas beyond the vortex’s center, their length can go from 5 meters to 8 meters for the largest chimneys.

The whole thing looks like a flower.

Geobiologists noticed an expansion in size, of the chimney during the inhale that can reach 40%.

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The influence of earth-sky chimneys

To know if their influence is good or bad to living beings, it is needed to measure their energy level on the bovis biometer .

If the chimney’s energy level is above 7000 on the Bovis Scale than its energy is nurturing for living beings.

It is not recommended to sleep on, but it is nice to practice meditation on such a spot.

If the chimney gives a reading below 7000 on the Bovis Scale, than it is an emptying energy and it is better to avoid to spend time on it.

Either way it is not good to have one in your house.

Earth sky chimneys are very easy to move with the power of intention.

If you have one in your home, you can ask it to move out to a place that wouldn’t disturb anyone.

You just need to be aware of its presence to live in peace with it!


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