Essential Oils Resonate With Our Body

Essential oils for daily health care are amazing.

Being etheric they communicate with our etheric body and can help us treat or cure ourselves on the highest and best way.

They are related to elementals of the Kingdom of Plants, which are our allies.

Some of the essential oils are a must have in your home.

  • Tea tree oil is wonderful to treat skin problem: mosquito bites, eczema, gum pain, fungus. It is a mosquito repellent as well, as is citronella.
  • Bergamot oil treats herpes.
  • Ylang ylang for the hair.

Lavender, eucalyptus, cypres, lemon and rosemary oil can be used for external massage to calm cough.

It is not always necessary to apply the oil, it can be used as insens, mostly only the smell in a room helps already.

You can immediately feel how it enhances the level of energy and clears the space.I often use essential oil mixed in water to clean the house.

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