Living off Grid

Living Off Grid is a practical way to enhance your personal energy level, save money and help our planet out of pollution? Renewable Energy Solutions propose 5 practical guides with all the information needed to get off the grid!

Do you want to learn what you can do about your electricity bill reaching $200-even $300 per month? Are you interested in off grid living, renewable energy, solar panels, how to build your own homemade wind generator, or even how to build your own house?

Build a Homemade Wind Generator

Learn how to build your own Homemade Wind Generator. A 1000 watt wind generator needed to power an average Living Off Grid home costs around $2,500! The first book of Renewable Energy Solutions, teaches you everything you need to know to build your own!

Solar Panel Installation

The second book is a guide that gives you all the information about Solar Panel Installation. The choice of Solar Panels on the market is huge. In fact, there are so many companies out there and so many new products that finding out which ones to buy has become difficult. Installing them can be an even bigger headache without a guide to help you.

Run your generator on biodiesel!

To get off the grid you need to eliminate your electricity bill. By buying a generator and powering it with biodiesel or water you can generate the electricity needed to power your home for free. That frees up money to build up your renewable energy system! This is what the third book is about.

Renewable Energy Solutions

A practical guide with all the information on how to find free solar Panels, wind towers and batteries… Learn from the writer’s experience about living off the grid. He wrote this book for anyone who wants to learn about renewable energy and how to put it to work in his life.

Build Your Own House

The fifth book shows you how to build your own house? This guide takes you from beginner to “Do It Yourself Builder” in just a few easy to follow steps. The guide book is fully illustrated to show you what you need to know to live off grid, and exactly how to do it in easy to follow steps.

The book also explains how to hire an ‘expert builder’ whose job is to make sure you build your house properly.


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