Bringing back Oshun

Oshun is the goddess of sweet water and love.
She symbolizes the divine feminine.

Listen to the story…Luisah Teish on the archetype of Oshun.

This is an outtake from an interview with Luisah Teish for the film “Changing of the Gods.”

Bringing back Oshun

How do we bring her  back?

By intending her back, inviting her, singing to her, blessing the water, loving, spreading the love for her and for the planet.

By waking the Oshun in us <3

This is a song for Oshun, with Yonatan Bar Rashi on the drums.

Ide Were Were Nitay Oshun

Ide were were nita oshun
ide were were
ide were were nita oshun
ide were were nita ya
ocha kiniba nita oshun
cheke, cheke, cheke
nita ya

Ahuaweya, song to the spirit of the water

by Shaman Herbert Quinteros