Machu Pichu, Road to the Sky

The Sanctuary of Machu Pichu, is one of the greatest ancient mysteries, unexplained yet.

Machu Pichu

This power place is listed on Unesco’s world heritage list

It’s location has kept it preserved over the centuries.

The perfection of the buildings in Machu Pichu is a mystery to modern science, no one can explain how these walls have been built.

When visiting this amazing site, I could see and feel the energy of daily life among the walls, many years ago.

I once asked the Spirit to show me how these ancient monuments were built.

My vision of how Machu Pichu was built

“The first thing I felt when getting on site within my vision, was a very high vibration of joy among the people of the community who built the city of Machu Pichu.

I knew that this vibration was the main condition to allow the work to be done. Without the joy, nothing would be built.

I saw a large community of people, kids, families, elders who were all involved and active in the creation of the various buildings.

As I said, the vibration of Joy at its highest level was the basis of the creation.

I saw that each group brought a different quality of joy: a group of little girls beautifully dressed brought the quality of purity.

People gathered in groups to create the different buildings.

When I looked closer to one of the groups at work, I understood there was one person, the “architect”, who had the vision of what they were going to build.

The Architect, transmitted the image, through telepathy, to the group.

Then they stood together, concentrating on the image.

Many people around the group stood watching, holding the vibration of joy.

The group, emitted a deep sound. I could feel the sound was somehow connected to the women’s womb.

After a while, a huge stone would appear in the space surrounded by the people, and set itself in its very precise place.

The people around the group were supporting, with huge smiles on their faces, shouting and singing their joy, each time a stone was set.

The vibration of joy was raising with each new stone who found its spot.

When a building was ready and complete, people would fill it with their joyous presence and start dancing.

The process kept going until all the city was ready.

A city built with the energy of joy!”

More about the ancient kingdoms of South America in the video below.

People of the Clouds

Archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper reveals the true character of this stunning continent through its culture, people and landscapes.

Power Places

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power places, pyramid of Giza

Earth’s Power Places and Ancient Mysteries!

Power Places are an ancient mystery!

Our body knows and remembers these sacred places on earth, it longs for these times where the rational part was dormant, and people perceived energy directly.

Our journey begins more than five thousand years ago.

At that time human beings were connected to nature, to the earth, the sky and the elements. They were able to see energy and knowledge was intuitive.

They knew that some places on earth have special, very powerful vibrations, places where feminine and masculine elements blend together to create an exceptional energy.

They knew these power places* were a kind of gate to higher realms, and that the high level of energy of these places was like food for their souls.

Power places’ energy level varies according to the seasons, it culminates once or twice a year, depending on the alignment of the site with the sun, the moon or the stars.

How our ancestors created these extremely precise alignments, working with heavy building elements is an ancient mystery.

Stonehenge is aligned with the summer solstice sunrise, while the Temple of Solomon was aligned with the equinox sunrise.

The King’s chamber, in the big pyramid of Giza, is aligned with Orion.

Actually, there are perfectly geologically and astronomically aligned pyramids all over the planet.

The recently discovered Bosnian Pyramid, reveals very precise alignment with earth and sky, and is connected to other high energy sites through leylines.

Power places and alignment

Stone henge, ideal place for rituals

When a power place is aligned with an equinox or solstice, sunrise or sunset, it means one of the sites’ ley lines’ direction is exactly to the point where the sun rises or sets on the horizon on that specific day and time.

The ley line transmits energy and light from the sun or star to the power point and boosts its level of energy, creating a magic moment of bliss for visitors.

This is an ideal situation for sacred rituals, where the amazing energy can be canalized for healing, fertility or for connection with higher realms.

Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, moving with the seasons.

Earth was guiding their steps to the right places on the right time, to practice their sacred rituals and celebrate life.

When humans started settling, they became more connected to the power places that were close to their home.

They started investing and building in their power places*.

This is the time that our ancestors started to use straight lines and sacred geometry to enhance energy.

Their architecture was aligned and in perfect harmony with the ley lines and the earth energy.

Every vibration or earth element in the sacred space was planned to enhance consciousness and energy levels.

Avebury in England, Egyptian and Mayan temples and pyramids are beautiful examples of these ancient mysteries, which are still a mystery today.

machupichu, power places

Those were times where the architect was also doctor, astrologist, and geomancer.

He was connected to life and knowledge.

His architecture was holistic.

Before building a house or temple, the domestic animals lived in the site for a year, and then their liver was checked to determine the energetic quality of the place.

Ley lines are straight energy lines crossing the landscape, passing through power places.

When energy lines are straight they have a fast and powerful flow, which is considered dangerous for living beings by the theory of feng shui.

It is like plugging into high voltage; only people with a very high level of energy can take it, while others will feel sick.

Sacred sites, standing stones and dolmens have been built on ley lines to slow down and disperse this energy to the surroundings.

This is why ley lines have many power places on their course: tree circles, hill tops, water springs, churches, which are all high energy sites.

Each power place has at least one ley line and at least one vein of primary water- also called healing water- which cross each other.

The St-Michaels and Mary Dragons are well known ley lines which pass through many sacred sites dedicated to St Michael and Mary.

The Nazca lines,  located in Nazca Peru have captured the imagination of historians, researchers, and tourists for decades.

The lines—only seen from the air—were spotted in 1927, when Airlines started flying over Peru and passengers reported seeing strange lines, figures, and shapes on the ground.

So far, researchers have cataloged 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 animal and plant designs, also called biomorphs. No one can say for certain what their meaning is, why they were created, who exactly created them, and why they are only visible from the air.

The most amazing fact about those lines is where they all meet if you plot them around the globe.

Ley hunters are people who search for unknown ley lines, power places and ancient mysteries.

This trend started in England 150 years ago and still exists today.

Try it yourself! Take a map of your country and look for the sacred sites, see if you can connect more than two of them with a straight line, if you do, you might have discovered a ley line!

If you go there and travel it, the Ley line itself, and the different sites along it, will initiate you to a new level of consciousness and will boost your energy level.

The Romans built many of their roads on Ley lines, misusing the earth energies to enhance their military power.

These were different times already, where humans were slowly forgetting the ancient knowledge and started to use straight lines for their personal power.

Ancient mysteries become mysteries when the knowledge is lost.

Few will remember this knowledge in years to come and those few will be persecuted for it.

In 1930, doctor Ernst Hartman discovered the global grid covering the earth, geobiology was born.

Since then the ancient knowledge is discovered again.

A new age has started, It is time to remember!!!

Many speak today about earth changes and the consciousness shift of mother earth. People are attracted to power places, sacred sites, and visit the earth chakras and vortexes to rediscover the ancient mysteries and their connection to Gaia again.

Earth invites us to join her in this journey, and enhance our consciousness with her.

signs in the sky

For those who seek specific information about Sacred Sites around the globe, I warmly recommend Martin Grey’s website.

Have you ever visited on a Power Place?

Do you have a great story about this? Do you know about an unknown Power Place? Share it!

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Ancient Mysteries, the Great Pyramid of Giza

There are many ancient mysteries on mother earth, that still have not been resolved today.

One of them is the Giza plateau and its monuments.

Ancient mysteries, great pyramid of Giza

pyramid of Giza, ancient mysteries

The archeologists who discovered the pyramid, have come to the wrong conclusions about when and how it has been built and what was its purpose.

Obviously none of the pyramids on earth were graves, no mummies have ever been found inside any pyramid.

Nassim Haramein has made a deep research about ancient pyramids.

He discovered that the arch of covenant, which dimensions are given in the  Bible, fits exactly inside the empty box inside the king’s chamber located in the great pyramid.

Apparently the pyramids of Giza and other enigmatic ancient monuments, as for example the recently discovered Bosnian pyramid,  were designed as energetic objects, huge orgone devices.

The Great Pyramid has fascinated researchers, for centuries. Many theories were written about it.

Ancient Mysteries Documentary

The documentary below is the most interesting document I ever saw about ancient mysteries.

Based on a book written by Jaques Grimault, who researched the subject more than thirty-seven years, and directed by Patrice Poyard.

The message is of great importance for mankind, and is based on the Great Pyramid of Egypt, containing the secrets of sacred geometry, as the key.

The study goes through power places from China to Peru, from Egypt to Mexico, throughout the Middle East – through the world’s oldest, most enigmatic and often most beautiful sites.

Poyard has spent six years of investigation, guided by his anonymous informant, verifying his discoveries one by one, and meeting the planet’s most eminent scientific and technical specialists.

The result will shake the history of mankind as it is taught to its very core, and revolutionize Egyptology entirely.

A great odyssey along a breathtaking route rich in powerful imagery.

An  scientific leap and finally an unexpected and extraordinary revelation: the hidden message to future generations by the mysterious builders.

The Revelation of the Pyramids

An other short documentary about an experiment done by Japanese researchers on the Giza plateau.

Most interesting are Dr. J.J. Hurtak commentaries in the video, about what he thinks the pyramids were built for.

Recent research on main pyramid sites on our planet, reveal them to be sophisticated harmonic structures.

They mirror positions of the planets and stellar systems and, resonate with the chakras and harmonic cavities of the human body.

Each stone within the Great Pyramid is harmonically tuned to a specific frequency or musical tone. The sarcophagus in the center of the Great Pyramid is tuned to the frequency of the human heart beat.

Astonishing experiments, conducted by Dr. Hurtak and colleagues at The Great Pyramids and other sites in the South Americas, demonstrate the pyramids to be voice activated “geophysical computers.”

Specific ancient sounds, being able to activate secret entrances to inaccessible chambers. Which indicate the ancient priest-scientists employed some sort of harmonic sound technology within the temple structures.

Ancient mysteries, the great Sphinx

The Sphinx of Giza is a great ancient mystery as well.

There are rumors saying a vast megalithic metropolis has been discovered, 15,000 years old, reaching several levels, below the Giza plateau. With hydraulic underground waterways as well as a huge lake.

A vast underground city, of which the sphinx and pyramids are merely the surface markers.

More details about these archeological discoveries here.

According to a paper; presented at the International Conference of Geoarchaeology and Archaeomineralogy  in Sofia: “Geological aspect of the problem of dating the great Egyptian Sphinx”,  the Great Sphinx of Giza is at least 800,000 years old.

The authors of this paper, scientists Manichev Vyacheslav I. and Alexander G. Parkhomenko,  joined the paradigm shift initiated by West and Schoch about mainstream Egyptology.

Referring to the possible remote origins of the Egyptian civilization and,  physical evidence of water erosion present at the monuments of the Giza Plateau.

Fascinating ancient mysteries, will we ever understand how they have been created.

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The Bosnian Pyramid.

Power Places

Machu Pichu


The Bosnian Pyramid Discovery

The Bosnian Pyramid, was lately discovered in Bosnia.

It is the first pyramid discovered in Europe.

The research started in 2005, when Semir Osmanagic from Houston, Texas (USA) requested for a geological survey in order to obtain further information confirming that once a PYRAMID was built at Visocica in Visoko, Bosnia.

Bosnian Pyramid , Pyramid of Sun_EnergyBeam

Geological and scientific reports about the unfolding of the excavations and extraordinary discoveries made on the archeological site, between 2005 and 2012 can be found on the  Bosnian pyramid website

The archeological discovery of the Bosnian pyramid, reveals new questions about Pyramids and invites us to reset our beliefs concerning human history.

Dr Semir Osmanagic explains all the process of still ongoing excavations, and reveals the numerous astonishing discoveries made on this wonderful site exposing the knowledge of the past.

One of the amazing discoveries is a huge ceramic man made stone, with a crystal in its center, placed above an underground lake, emitting high healing frequencies. Orgonite?

Geomancy was used for the placement of each element of these buildings.

Osmanagic’s insight shows how most of the main stream information about pyramids appears to be false.

The purpose of pyramids, who now appear to exist on all continents of our planet; obviously not tumbal monuments, more likely power places designed for initiations.

The precision with which they have been built and aligned with the earth’s magnetic pole, ley lines and the star system is still a mystery.

The knowledge, tools and materials used to build them can still not be imagined by our society.

Dr. Osmanagic’s work is clearly confirming a profound belief in me, that the pyramids were meant to be monumental orgone devices.

With much appreciation for the Master builders of the past, who have left their astonishing knowledge, carved in stone, for us to rediscover, when the time is right!

Bosnian pyramid documentary

Excavations are still continuing in Visoko.

Volunteers from all over the planet are recruited every summer.

Do you hear the call?


The revelation of the pyramid of Giza.