Dowsing, Ancient White Magic Technique

Dowsing, also called radiesthesy, is a way to communicate with the part in us that is connected to knowledge, silent knowledge, and most of the time subconscious knowledge.

To become aware of this knowledge one needs to practice and learn to listen to his intuition, sensations, and inner voice.

Our body receives endless information all the time. Most of the time we are not aware of it.

Dowsing is a technique that enables us to become aware of the information our body receives.

We ask the body precise questions that can be answered by “yes” or “no” and we can read the answer on the tool.

There are as many radiesthesy techniques as there are dowsers. With practice, each one develops his own way to receive and translate the information.

Some use a pendulum, a stick or rods and some do deviceless, chi, inner or intuitive radiesthesy.

Healers work with it to measure vitality, detect health problems and choose remedies, some use it to find underground water, petroleum or gold. Others use it to charge crystals or activate energetic processes.

Geobiologists dowse to locate geopathy and to measure the energy level of sites on the Bovis Biometer. Some of them work on the land and others on maps.

Radiesthesy requires a mental state commonly called the state of “no mind”, a state where the inner dialogue, also called the crazy monkey, quiets down. When you are in this state you don’t let your thoughts, doubts or wishes interfere, and are totally silent and open to receive information.

It is almost impossible to dowse for yourself or the people you are emotionally involved with, because your fears or wishes interfere subconsciously. It is the same when checking your own house for geopathy.

Radiesthesy requires also a physical state. The body must be relaxed free of tension. Tension disturbs the flow of energy from your body to the tool. If you do deviceless dowsing, the tensions will not allow you to feel the sensation that is the answer to your question.

The best tool to learn radiesthesy with, as a beginner is the pendulum. The pendulum shows you the answers clearly and puts your doubts aside.

The pendulum itself or the material it is made of are not important, you can hang anything that has some weight on a wire and make it a pendulum.

The dowsing practice

Dowsing technique

The first thing to find out is the pendulum’s movement that means “yes” and the one that means “no”. They are different for each person. There are many possible exercises to find this out.

Hold your pendulum between thumb and index of the hand you feel more comfortable with. Don’t forget to relax shoulders and arms.

Dowsing technique

Here is the first exercise: Hold your pendulum above the palm of your other hand. Wait to see which movement the pendulum does. You can give it a back and forth starting swing or hold it still. The movement of the pendulum above the palm of your hand means “yes”.

Then turn your hand and hold the pendulum above the back side of your hand, the movement that shows up means “no”.
The second exercise is to ask true questions, for example hold your pendulum above a glass of water and ask the question: “Is this a glass of water? The movement that will show up means “yes”.

Then ask “Is this a glass of wine?” and the movement that will show up means “no”.

Learn to phrase your questions precisely. Clear and simple questions that can only be answered by “yes” or “no”. Then practice, practice, practice as much as you can, until you become confident about the answers you get.

Your pendulum gets charged with energies when you use it, and needs to be washed with streaming water from time to time. To check if it is charged before you start working, you can use the first exercise described above. If your pendulum doesn’t show the usual “yes-no” movements and acts weird above the palm of your hand, it needs to be cleaned.

You can also place the pendulum on an orgone charging plate when you don’t use it, to clean it.

Before you start to check earth energies or people, there are three important questions to ask.

The first question is “Am I ready ?” Which means: Am I in the right state physically and mentally to do this work now?

The second one is “Can I?” Which means: Do I have the required knowledge and energy level to do this work?

The third question is “May I?” which means: Do I have the permission from the site or the person to do it? If the answer to the three questions is “yes”, you can start.

Good luck!

Lightstones Orgone Pendulum

A regular pendulum needs to be cleaned regularly, if it is charged with information it will lose its precision.

A pendulum made of orgonite, cleans itself continuously, and is never charged.

Lightstones’ Pendulums exist in four different variations: emerald, garnet, larimar or ametyst.

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