The Bosnian Pyramid Discovery

The Bosnian Pyramid, was lately discovered in Bosnia.

It is the first pyramid discovered in Europe.

The research started in 2005, when Semir Osmanagic from Houston, Texas (USA) requested for a geological survey in order to obtain further information confirming that once a PYRAMID was built at Visocica in Visoko, Bosnia.

Bosnian Pyramid , Pyramid of Sun_EnergyBeam

Geological and scientific reports about the unfolding of the excavations and extraordinary discoveries made on the archeological site, between 2005 and 2012 can be found on the  Bosnian pyramid website

The archeological discovery of the Bosnian pyramid, reveals new questions about Pyramids and invites us to reset our beliefs concerning human history.

Dr Semir Osmanagic explains all the process of still ongoing excavations, and reveals the numerous astonishing discoveries made on this wonderful site exposing the knowledge of the past.

One of the amazing discoveries is a huge ceramic man made stone, with a crystal in its center, placed above an underground lake, emitting high healing frequencies. Orgonite?

Geomancy was used for the placement of each element of these buildings.

Osmanagic’s insight shows how most of the main stream information about pyramids appears to be false.

The purpose of pyramids, who now appear to exist on all continents of our planet; obviously not tumbal monuments, more likely power places designed for initiations.

The precision with which they have been built and aligned with the earth’s magnetic pole, ley lines and the star system is still a mystery.

The knowledge, tools and materials used to build them can still not be imagined by our society.

Dr. Osmanagic’s work is clearly confirming a profound belief in me, that the pyramids were meant to be monumental orgone devices.

With much appreciation for the Master builders of the past, who have left their astonishing knowledge, carved in stone, for us to rediscover, when the time is right!

Bosnian pyramid documentary

Excavations are still continuing in Visoko.

Volunteers from all over the planet are recruited every summer.

Do you hear the call?


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