Bio-architecture for Your New Home

Bio-architecture , a holistic way of planning in Architecture.

Bio-architecture, holistic architecture, bio-construction, a new approach to architecture

The connection with the land

You are planning to buy land to build yourself a home?

Bio-architecture is the right way to plan a healthy and energetic house!

Before you buy, visit the site, sit down, listen, feel, connect yourself to the energies of the place, watch the animals, the trees, the plants, try to feel them.

Ask if this place is good for you and your family. Then,… wait! Fully attentive to signs, for the answer to come. What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Noise could be a sign, the wind might talk to you, birds, anything!

Create a positive and respectful relationship with your land.

After all, even if you own it, you are only the keeper, you bought the land to protect it as much as you can, and the land will be good to you if you will be good to it!

Bio-architecture starts with an energy map

A bio-architect plans his project according to the energetic configuration of the site.

To make an energetic plan of the site, get help from a geobiologist or feng shuy expert. Geobiology also called geomancy is ancient white magic.

A geobiology map is the only way to really know your land, to discover where the good spots are, and reveal where the noxious energies are hidden.

Knowing that will enable you to decide where to locate the different functions in your home.

By avoiding placing sleeping, working and resting areas above geopathy, you can spare yourself and your family many health problems.

Some ley line crossings, which are power places, should stay free from building so as to fulfill their role and allow the energy flow between earth and sky. If you make an energetic map of the site, you have the responsibility to stand behind the results and be ready to change some plans to attain harmony and well being on a power place.

The feng shui expert will give you indications about the right location and colors for the different functions.

While the planning and building process advances, come back to your land and let it know your future plans.

If you have a sacred crossing or primary water vein, connect yourself to those nourishing energies.

Plant crystals at the four corners of your land, using our geopuncture technique, it will create an etheric pyramid around your house and reset the memory of the site by renewing its connections to the earth-sky energy flow.

Bio-architecture and moon ecology

Bio-architecture works with nature’s rhythm. Moon ecology, another ancient white magic knowledge, can help you do things at the right time. Timing is a key element for the white magician. When the moon grows from new moon to full moon, nature supports growth energy and expansion. During the two weeks the moon decreases, between full moon and new moon, nature supports retraction.

Start digging the earth when the moon decreases. Start building when the moon grows. On the day you start building the foundations, throw preprogrammed crystals containing qualities and blessings for the land and your family into the foundations. This way your house will grow in harmony with its environment, and the local energies will support the process of building. The result will be a high energy house!

Bio-architecture and sacred geometry

bio-architecture, The golden mean or divine proportion

Sacred geometry and more specifically the golden mean has been used by builders and artists throughout history.

Many sacred sites are planned using the golden mean and Leonardo Da Vinci’s work about it is well known. The golden mean is a proportion that creates harmony. You can find this proportion in most of nature’s creations: such as in plants, (pine apple, artichoke, in the distance between the leaves), animals and humans (in DNA, and the body’s proportions). The golden mean, used in architecture, creates a space that vibrates in harmony with our body, through resonance. Why not use it for your home? This can make it a sacred space.

Bio-architecture and building materials

Your house is the second layer you wear, the first one is your clothing. Our body needs free energy flow and breathing. The materials our clothes and house are made from should allow the passage of energy, let life energy flow in and charged energy flow out. The same way the body prefers cloth made of natural fabric, it will feel better in a house made of natural and breathing materials. These materials should be non-toxic, and shouldn’t attract electromagnetic fields.

Traditional materials and building techniques of a region are usually the ecological way of building for that specific region, from mostly local and sustainable materials.

Concrete blocks most of the energy from entering the house, so even if you have a concrete structure, walls, floors and roofs would be better if they were made of a material that breathes, such as wood, rammed earth, terra cotta, or silicate,…there are many more options on the market. Since bio-architecture became a trend, amazing natural building materials have become available. It is worth researching what you can find in your region, especially isolation and painting materials, that do not contain solvents or formaldehyde. Green architecture today is important for the survival of the planet. The choice of the materials you build with is one facet of this approach, another facet is the use of home solar power.

Bio-architecture and solar energy

home solar power, bio-architecture Bio-architecture solar panels and shading elements

The use of solar energy, to cover your needs in electricity, will allow you to live off grid and be independent from electricity companies and save money in the long term. Of course you need sun to build a solar house, so do it if you can, it is free energy and will help our planet too. Before buying a solar system it is suggested to study the specific climate of your land with a SWAAT(solar wind anemometer and tower) Solar Sphere offers a very interesting leasing program for solar systems for new or existing homes. Their program allows you to go green without any costs, find Solar Contractors in your area and start saving on electricity. If living off grid appeals to you, earthships are houses planned in this spirit. This is a way by itself to enhance your personal energy level, but doesn’t suit everyone.

Passive solar approach for bio-architecture

A passive solar house, is a real energy saver and comfort enhancer. This approach to planning the location and size of doors, windows and skylights, according to local winds and the use of shading at the right places, will help you create a cool atmosphere and good ventilation. The flow of air in the house goes together with the energy flow, so the better the ventilation is planned, (not to fast and not to slow in terms of air flow), the higher the energy level of the space.

The electricity plan in the bio-architectural approach

The electricity plan will require special attention if you want to live in a healthy house. The plan will provide electric energy to all the rooms, following an antenna scheme and avoiding closed loops. A more effective grounding than in usual building will lead most of the electromagnetic radiation to the earth, and all metallic masses will be connected to a separate grounding rod as well. Keep the electricity box as far as possible from the living areas. The space around, above and under the beds must be totally clean of electricity cables, at least one meter distance in all directions.

Living water

Living water is high energy water, magic water. It is worth to invest in a water purification system that converts the water into living water, there are some very effective systems on the market. Drinking and bathing with living water makes a huge difference for your personal health, also for the health of your environment, plants, animals, and earth. Bio-architecture suggests to harvest rainwater and recycle grey waters, with simple and ecological techniques. It is money saving in the long term and useful for the garden. With harvested rainwater you can create water ponds with aquatic plants and fish that will attract birds and enhance the energy level around your house.

bio-architecture, harvested rainwater for water pond

Bio-architecture for a High energy home

As a final touch, integrate an orgone device in the floor to create a strong energetic center or integrate a device in the entrance door of your house, the high energy level of the orgonite will constantly transform polluted energy and give a boost to your space. Feng shui elements, windshimes or statues, can be excellent energy boosters as well.

Finally, the most important element, is the energy you and the people who build the house, put in the place.

Work with people you like, and don’t let your fears interfere in the planning process, be aware that your feelings during the process will later on fill the house.

Bring joy to the workers, treat them well, surprise them with food and drinks, create the energy of the place with them.

Don’t be the stranger that comes to control, be a friend!

Positive building energy! Real white magic. The more joyful the atmosphere will be during the work, the more the house will vibrate and emit joy forever!

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Have you built your home the natural way?

Did you use bio-architecture for your new home? How does it feel? What building materials did you use? Do you have a solar system? Share your experience!

Our future readers will be grateful!

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