Art of Chi

The Art of Chi

The Art of Chi is a physical and energetic discipline oriented towards health and well being.

Practicing Tai Chi

Its origins are the traditional Chinese arts called Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong.

The practice of these ancient techniques has multiple benefits. It makes the body’s articulations suppler, it opens up the breath, stimulates the vital functions, and relaxes the muscular and nervous system, enhancing strength and suppleness, balance and peacefulness, and concentration.

Vlady and Orly

The mobilization of Chi energy is the most important element of the practice.

Vlady Stevanovitch, the founder of the Inner Way International School, was initiated to traditional inner energetic techniques as a teenager. He went on researching the subject until he died in November 2005 at the age of 80.

He developed a simple, clear and progressive way to transmit his knowledge. His pedagogy, used by all the teachers of The School, enables western people to discover the reality and benefits of Chi.

Vlady Stevanovitch

The teachings contain suppleness and relaxation techniques, breathing and Chi mobilization techniques, the practice of 11 Chinese health exercises, and Tai Chi Chuan forms.

The forms taught and practiced in the School are: the 24 postures or short form, the 108 postures and the 127 postures.

Today this Art is transmitted in several countries by Vlady’s students and practiced by hundreds of teachers and thousands of students.

It has three main centers located: in the south of France, Portugal, and Canada.

Click here to visit the International schools website.

Practicing Tai Chi

I started learning Tai Chi Chuan in Brussels in 1989 with one of Vlady’s students. In 1990 I met my master Vlady at an intensive workshop at The School in France.

After several years of intensive practice of Chi techniques and Tai Chi, and a personal training with my master, I was ready to start teaching.

The Inner Way International School – Israel, was founded in 1994 and is located in Ein Hod. We have weekly lessons for beginners and advanced students and intensive workshops as well.

Here you can see Vlady, and his wife Michelle, practicing the 24 postures, full off chi!!!

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