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Soul Movement, let spirit move your body

Introduction to Soul Movement.

soul movement, totem animals, power animals, free flow movement

My spiritual path began in 1989, when I found the practice of Tai Chi.

At the time I was a student in Architecture.

This ancient knowledge was life changing to me, introducing the realm of energy to my life. It brought Geomancy and Feng Shuy into my architect’s practice.

It has been 27 years now, that I am teaching Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan, representing the international school of the “Art of Chi” in Israel.

Together with this deep energy body work, I have met and learned different shamanic disciplines over the years.

Geomancy connected me with the spirit of earth.

Heart meditation and dream work, taught me the depth of the soul.

Plant teachers and chanting, showed me the deep transformation available to humans coming to this plane.

With the years, these different branches of knowledge have merged into new teachings that I have called Soul Movement.

A workshop where we use the body to communicate with our Soul.

Soul Movement workshop

An encounter with tools and techniques from the world of Chi Kung and Tai chi, in order to bring the body in alignment, opening up a connection to spirit.

When our body is in the right posture, in alignment between earth and sky, the mind can release control.

When we feel the Chi energy in and around us, are connected to our center (Hara, Tantien) and our breathe is deep and effortless; we can reach a state of “not doing”.

Chi energy can flow through our body and create a movement, a dance which is a result of complete surrender.

It is in this state that resistance melts and deep healing can occur.

Once we have found this place of surrender and healing, our vehicle is open to access higher awareness and transmit healing.

The workshop introduces tools and techniques, to progressively prepare the body to receive and hold a new consciousness and presence.


Part one: learning the basic tools

  1. Relaxation techniques
  2. Various techniques to open up and deepen the breath
  3. Chi energy techniques to wake up and feel the Tantien, and to create circulation inside the body.
  4. Learning to feel and listen to Chi energy in and around us.
  5. Chi Kung health exercises
  6. Tai Chi movements, mechanics


Part two: Chi dance

Using the tools and techniques in free movement.

With music and drum chanting.

Part three: connection to spirit

-meeting your guides and power animals.

-allowing your power animal to move and work through your body.

-voice work, chanting, channeling the spirit through voice.

Next workshop:

March 10, 2017 from 10.00AM to 4.00PM in Karkur, Israel

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