Theta Healing, An Extraordinary Energy-Healing Technique

Theta Healing is one of the most powerful energy-healing techniques existing today.

All the techniques and tools described in this website have helped me on my way to self-empowerment and growth.

This healing technique, which I have discovered lately, has literally saved me in the most difficult situation I went through in my life.

It is a pure white magic tool which offers the ability to be co-creators of our reality and reprogram our subconscious mind, cancel the negative subconscious programs and replace them with new positive empowering ones.

It can be used to heal on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

This technique also gives us tools to bless and heal animals, plants, houses and places.

You can learn it and use it to heal yourself and co-create a new reality together with “the creator of all that is”, the creative force in our universe.

When you start practicing the method, your spiritual growth just starts happening by itself. You become connected to energies and knowledge, you can see how you create your life with your thoughts, and your capacity to choose your reality and create it grows every day.

The founder of Theta Healing

Vianna Stibal, founder of the this Healing technique, healed herself from cancer instantly.

She describes her journey in her book called “Theta Healing – Introducing an extraordinary Energy-Healing Modality”, where she offers an easy method to enter into theta state and become a co-creator of your life.

Today her technique has become well known all over the world and there are many practitioners.

Since physical contact with the patient is not necessary, some practitioners work online as well.

If you happen to practice Theta Healing, you are warmly invited to add your listing by filling the invitation below.Your listing will appear on a separate page and your patients will be able to add comments and reviews below your text.There will be a link from this page to your listing.

Are you a Theta Healer?

Tell us about you.
How do you work.
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Where are you located?
Tell our readers how they can contact you.
You may add stories or testimonies about people you have healed.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Obadia Rome, New Orleans
My name is Obadia Rome, I have been healing in New Orleans for a very long time. I have a direct affinity to Life and Death, as I am from the Eight House. …

Janille Weaver, Brigham City, UT
I am a mother of two young daughters. I have been working with Theta and energy Healing since 2009, first as a recipient, now as provider and healer. …

Isabella, Intuitive energy healer
Editor of Deep Spiritual Awakening: And an intuitive energy healer with years of practice.

David Baverman, Greenbank, Wa. (Whidbey Island) U.S.A.
I have been practicing Theta Healing for six years. I offer sessions in person, on the phone or via Skype. my phone # is 360-929-8461 or e-mail [email protected]

Jimmy Mack, Clearwater FL USA
Jimmy Mack is a theta healing, reconnective healer and certified as a matrix energetics practitioner. He works with clients in person, via phone or Skype …

Many people are globally displaced due to Economic Fraud,Corporations,Religions,Secular plans. These people are separated from their families and heritage. …

Vianna Stibal’s books about the technique, warmly recommended!

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