My first encounter with the Art of Chi

My first encounter with Czech art

The art of qigong, Tai Chi

I was 25 years old, student of architecture in Brussels.
Not like sports or aerobics, never quite connected, nor the body.
Out of the need to do something with the body, "applied to jazz Ballet Department at on the way home to old.
One day when I moved in the Hall Institute saw in another room, a small group practicing Tai Chi.
I didn't know anything about it.
But I felt when I looked at them, there was what I want and I miss him.
A week after I joined the dance team and Tai Chi
I fell in love!
In practice was that we would do a series of exercises and massage to stimulate circulation in your hands.
Then we just sit and listen, what's happening in the palms, waves, currents, eicatotim. We follow the trends towards the forearms and upper arms. We feel this thing and our life.
It was the moment of awakening, recalling the magic, this thing I knew as a child, and I sometime on the way to adulthood.

Since it's been 27 years.

Intensive training workshops, a new connection to the body

Work with your favorite teacher and Eddie stbanovitz, I had the privilege to know him and to obtain the information directly

Since my body became a partner, friend, I do trust him and know he's doing a great job.

He knows how to balance itself.

He remembers the perfection and builds it.

He knows how to keep the youth.

It functions amazingly, trillions of cells that live in harmony with each other.

A beloved friend

All you have to do is not to bother him with my thoughts, mistrust and fear!

Where to learn Czech art

I invite you to come and remember me to reconnect to the magic!

Starting Department: Monday morning at 9.00

Wednesdays 19.00 o'clock

Advanced: Mondays 19.00 o'clock

The Youth Club, ein HoD

Can love us here: our Facebook page

Open orders come to move workshops in the region.
With love!