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Release your mind

Release your mind!  Get centered!

Imagine that your head is a balloon filled with helium.

The rope that holds the balloon is is held buy a strong hand located in the center of your belly, the center of your physical being, the Tantien.

Aah, what a relief!

Doesn’t it feel good?

What is the Tantien?

It is the gravity center of the body and the inner energy pump.

Our heart is the blood pump in our body, and our tantien the chi energy pump.

This center can be used as a tool, as an inner hand, to make the chi or life energy flow in the body, to concentrate your chi energy, to protect yourself, and to find the right posture.

My Master Vlady Stevanovitch , describes in one of his books how being centered in his Tantien, saved his life during the second world war.

In his book he describes a scene that can give an image on how being centered can change events in sometimes miraculous ways.

Before leaving his Master to go and join the resistance, his master wanted to check if he is ready and asked him to stand and concentrate in his Tantien.

After a while his Master took a glass of water and threw the water in his direction.


At the same moment a violent wind opened the window….. read more here.

You’re welcome to join us, monday 9 AM, in Ein-Hod, Tai Chi time!

Our next workshop on how to release your mind: Chi energy techniques, relaxations, chi kung and magical passes.

Remembering the connection to life.

May 13, 2016 at Yoga Home Center in Ein Shemer