our body talks

Our Body Talks

Our Body Talks

“I have a problem with breathing,  I feel my lungs just want to empty themselves” she says and I could see the anxiety and fears “I might have a disease” and the tests and the doctors, and the answers that no one has.

I saw that this situation is the result of many years of negative relationship with the body.

Unfortunately most of us grew up on beliefs about our bodies. The smallest pain creating thoughts of war and fear. We never really learned to rely on the body, listen to it, trusting it.

Think a moment, our body, an amazing tool, system balances itself at any moment, always striving, trillions of cells that live in harmony with each other.

Every cell a whole cosmos itself, 99.9% empty, spirit, field of infinite potential, and … 0.01% material!

Who fills that void in every cell with information, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, … who? I! Only me!

Every thought and feeling tells my body, who it is and what is expected of him, what its situation is, if it is loved or an ennemy, tired or fit, healthy or ill … and the most amazing thing is … he’s always listening.

Sometimes it is also trying to communicate with me. Gently at first and if I’m not listening, through pain. At first a little pain if I do not listen more pain, shouting, “Listen to me!”

And in this case, the body shouted, the lungs screamed, “Please give us a moment to empty, rest.

Airing us from memories that we absorbed, emotions never looked at. Look at us with love, so that we can free our space”
Our lungs work all the time since we were born, there is only one situation in which they can rest for a moment, and that’s the end of exhalation and before the next breathe.

Because of all that we have experienced in our lives was accompanied by breathing, all our memories are registered in the lungs.

So I proposed a relaxation, when the body is totally relaxed the breathe becomes very slow.

I guided her to observe her breathe without any judgment, and to allow the lungs to empty themselves totally, exactly as her body has asked her to do.

At the end of the exhale, just waiting … without doing anything, allowing the body to decide when it will need the next inhale.

Between two breathes when our consciousness floats in the inner magical cosmos, we can sense a deep peace, a quiet stillness … a space of healing.
Releasing control, observing our breathe like waves that rise and descend from the beach … opens a new and safe place.
Looking at the lungs we saw them as beautiful huge Kathedrals full of light, we opened the windows, washed this sacred space with happy golden healing light.
Each exhale helped us clean and purify it, each inhale brought new light and healing.
And the silence! The silence at the end of each exhale … whooaaaaaaa!

Start a new relationship with your body, based on trust and love!

Tomorrow, I am giving a new workshop in Haifa! Great excitement!