Your Belief System, keep it or leave it, your choice.

Your belief system creates your reality, it is the very foundation of your world. Beliefs are the most potent manifesting ingredients in your consciousness.

belief system

Our real authentic self,is already perfect,and nobody and no technique can create something better than we already are, what i suggest here is just another step towards who we already are.

We all have conditioned thoughts, positive ones and negative ones. The positive ones help us grow and fulfill our dreams. The negative ones keep us behind, disturb us, they influence our lives mostly without us being aware of it.

On one hand we are walking our path intending growth, well being and wealth; on the other hand our beliefs pull us back. We find ourselves then not understanding why we don’t succeed, in creating what we intend.

These beliefs were formed during our childhood years, yet they continue to impact our reality TODAY. They don’t fade with time. Quite the contrary. If you don’t delete or change them, they are compounded by the very experiences they themselves generate in a detrimental catch.

You have a belief about EVERYTHING in your world! And if you’re experiencing limitation, struggle or hardship ANYWHERE, be that with relationships, money, your career, health, you’ll find a belief there to be cleared.

How to change our belief system?

How can we clear negative or limiting beliefs? The first step is to become aware of their existence, identify them. The process is not easy and demands “sustained effort and unbending intent” Our belief system is not the truth, just an accepted perception of such. Yet this inner, is shaping and dictating our life in every moment!

I invite you to allow yourself to leave your beliefs behind, and walk your path with new, empowering and supporting beliefs!

There are many tools available on the web, which guide us on our way to clear negative or limiting beliefs with techniques and exercises, they show how to install new empowering positive beliefs in our subconscious mind. Theta healing is one of these tools, and is very effective. It offers the oportunity to clean limiting beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs, much faster than you even expect.

For years I thought limiting beliefs are unconscious until I heard this video where Esther hicks channels Abraham. Amazing stuff!

More about Abraham Hicks here.

Bottom line is: not only you can change your beliefs, but you CAN create a new life, exactly the way you want it to be!

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