Glastonbury healing story, power places

Glastonbury healing story

Glastonbury healing story

by Dolores Hiltz
(Cotopaxi, Colorado, USA)

7 years ago I went to Europe with my sister for a month.

On my return I would have a huge decision to make.

On my nose was a large open wound from skin cancer.

The doctor wanted to remove my nose.

The trip was great.

We arrived in Glastonbury and a huge sence of calm and joy filled me.

I said no prayer just absorbed the wonderful vibrations I felt.

After we left over the next five days my nose healed itself.

I have not returned to the doctor and am fine.

The power, the light, and the oneness I carry in my soul to this day.

I can only say it became a cherished part of me.

It came to me there that we are all one in light.

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Oct 01, 2015 Good post
by: Mr. Danika ConnHello! Many thanks for your site!
Sep 18, 2015 Great
by: AnonymousGuys so sad when i know that about your skin cancer. You should consult with skin specialist. And about your journey just i say best of luck and bundle of thanks you share with us your Europe journey.
Sep 11, 2015 good Post
by: AnonymousA good commentary on contemporary challenges, we are facing challenges in our life related to IT we have forgot ourselves.

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