I found power

by J
(London, England)

You must blend your chi with plasma if you wish for it to become physical. So far I can make a weak ball of force in between my palms but it is not yet visible but it does send out small tinges of electricity. I can feel the light feeling on my cupped palms after 20 mins. I asked a friend and she felt the light twinge too so I know it is real. The more i practice, the more heat I produce from my chi too. I stand up, shut my eyes and focus my chi from my centre to my chest and then down my arms into my cupped palms and then the heat starts and then i can feel the weak force ball creating weak sparks. Try it, be patient and be willing to keep trying for weeks. Focus entirely on moving your chi to your palms. It is not easy so dont try it once and say “dis dun work u lier” keep trying and you will see.

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