leyman, power places in Scotland

by David R. Cowan
(Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland)


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After over 3,000 miles of hard walking over Scotland following the energy leys I have found a number of ancient sites which are power points:

The Praying Hands of Mary,
The Druids Cave,
Fingals Swordcut,
The Serpent Rock of St. Fillans,
The Rocking Stone of Glen Tarken,

all part of a highly complicated and artificially constructed ley system.
See my book “Ancient Energies of the Earth”
or my website www.ley-man.co.uk

Comments for leyman, power places in Scotland

Sep 11, 2015 great comments
by: Nicholas 

In observation you get answers of many questions which you have in your mind. And you move forward with new thinking and ideas. We create an idea and thinking in our writing.

Aug 12, 2015 Amazing work
by: mark 

We are tracking many sites you mention and appreciate your fine work, we are energy healers and feel the leys and are now using dowsing rods as an added medium.

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