The Matrix, Where Magic and Science Meet

What is the divine matrix?

matrix, human energy

We are living in amazing times where science meets spirituality.

The Divine Matrix, energy field is now recognized and studied by scientists all over the world.

It is now scientifically proven that our emotions and heart centered intent influence the matrix.

That is exactly what white magic is about!

What was considered a miracle or magic up to now, can now become a technology.

Ancient white magic techniques can now be explained by science.

This discovery gives us amazing tools for transformation.

We can now consciously create a better reality for ourselves and our world, by using the fantastic electro-magnetic transmission tool that our heart is.

GREGG BRADEN is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality.

He has searched ancient knowledge and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets.

His work, featured on his website, can give us a clear vision on how the Field works and how we can use this old-new knowledge for the highest good.

The videos below present his work. The first one shortly and clearly, the second one is a very interesting and complete interview, where the Divine Energy Field also called Nature’s Mind, and its amazing potential is explained.Enjoy!

Gregg’s work has inspired me to set up the Time for Peace project, a project for change! You are warmly invited to join and share!

Matrix of peace

Because once we know how our feelings influence the Field, we need to make a choice about what we want to add to this Matrix.

Do we want to continue feeding it with negativity? Or do we want to create peace?

As Gregg Braden’s message is very clear but still general, we might ask ourselves how we can create the reality that we choose more specifically, in our daily life.

What to do and what do we need to stop doing to initialize the change?

Well, we need to start being aware of each thought that comes up.Thought is vibration!

We can choose what we want to think, choose to tell a new wonderful story about ourselves!

No one explains this better than Esther Hicks translating an infinite intelligence that she calls Abraham.

Here it is, the best tool that I have found to transform my life:

White Magic Way Home Page

Lightstones Orgone Store

Time for Peace

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