Notes about Hartmann grid

by Samuil _Petru Stanescu
(Bucharest, Romania)

Some notes about the Hartmann grid (from my experience):
– The position of Hartmann lines is usually determined with L-rods, Y-rod or Pendulum. These devices play the role of indicators and the real detection is done by hand’s motion centers from the parietal lobes of the human brain (the left center for the right hand and the right center for the left hand). This fact can be easily highligted with L-rods by a lateral displacement of the body(or of the head) perpendicular crossing the Hartmann lines.
– The same experiment can show that Hartmann “lines” have the width much smaller than the one mentioned in the literature (16-21cm). Position your body so as a line Hartmann cross the space between the motion centers of the hands and the L-rods remain parallel. It is possible that the width of the Hartmann lines to be close or egal to zero(?!.)
– All the beings (creatures) avoid sleeping on the lines of Hartmann grid. People, in the absence of external constraints (housing, family, architectural, financial, aesthetic, educational,etc.) unconsciously avoid sleep in positions crossed by Hartmannn lines. Few houses are built on the N-S direction in order to optimize the use of the nonpathogenic areas from Hartmann grid. Generally, single beds can be arranged so as not to be crossed by these lines, but at least one of the co-occupants of the double-beds is placed in the risk area. Fortunatelly, we found that the single-occupants of the double-beds reflexively choose the less nonpathogenic areas of the beds for sleep.

Samuil-Petru Stanescu

Comments for Notes about Hartmann grid

Nov 15, 2015 A New Discovery Related to Hartmann Grid
by: Samuil Petru Stanescu Systematically measurements on the field using L-rods gave me the idea that Hartmann grid is actually a component of a more complex network of harmonics of the Earth. Lines similar to Hartmann lines appear to distances below and greater than 2 meters (the generic distance for Hartmann grid). It is interesting that these grids have the distances and intensities correlated with each other similar to musical harmonics.The distances between lines are multiples and sub-multiples of 2 of Hartmann lines.The intensities of the lines are directly proportional with the values of distances. This explains the fact that some particular Hartmann lines prove to be more pathogenic than others, they belongings to an inferior harmonic grid, associated with a higher intensity.
In terms of geopathogenic impact, it is important to find on field the position of the high-intensity harmonics in order to avoid permanent activity or standing on these lines.
A personal example: During a long period of time (five years order) three beehives (in my own apiary) crossed by an intense E-W Hartmann line were affected by a desease (Chalkbrood Disease) that proved to be resistant to any treatment, the frequent extinction of the queen bees and the lack of honey harvest. Magically, all the problems have disappeared after beehives moving out of aforementioned line.

Sep 23, 2015 Hartmann grid
by: WebsBerry Earth be alive an electromagnetic body, by its own electromagnetic network mold. The majority significant is called the First international Grid, or Hartmann Grid.

Sep 10, 2015 Tabeer Ali
by: Anonymous I got some useful information white magic and going to bookmark this website for few important updates as well.

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