Orgone Devices, Beautiful and Energy enhancing

Orgone Devices or energy devices, Life Force Generators and Energy Transformers, have been created and used by people throughout history.

Magic wands, stones and buildings, power tools for alignment, amplifiers of human intent.

orgonite by Lightstones, orgone devices

I believe that dolmens, menhirs, pyramids and other incredible ancient buildings were made to transform and influence life force.

This subtle energy was called life energy, chi, ki or prana, by different cultures.

Wilhelm Reich gave it the name of Orgone in the 1950.

Reich was the first to study life energy scientifically and discovered that orgone energy appears in two forms: positive orgone – in its natural form, and dead orgone – produced by electromagnetic fields, microwaves, computers, cellular antennas , phones and geopathy.

His Orgone Accumulator was based on the principle that when Dead Orgone (DOR) passes through multiple layers made of alternated organic and non organic matter, it turns into Positive Orgone (POR) again and has the ability to heal.

In the late ’90, Karl Hans Welz came up with the idea to mix organic and non organic matter in smaller particles.

The organic matter being resin, and the no-organic, metal fillings.

“Orgonite” was born.

His research was oriented towards long distance energy transformers.

A few years later, Don Croft created, inspired by his wife Carol, who sees energy, orgone devices made of Orgonite, adding crystals to the mix.

The crystal is an amplifier, it is the element that makes the energy flow and radiate, it is the element that avoids stagnation.

Reich succeeded to accumulate Orgone but his creations were not safe because he did not find a way to assure a continuous energy flow.

The more the crystal is under pressure inside the resin, the more it will enhance the flow of orgone.

Don and Carol designed various kinds of Orgonites: TB’s, HHG’s, and more.

They started the Gifting movement, placing Orgonites next to energy polluters, like high voltage cables, cellular antennas and Haarp towers.

Today they are followed by thousands of “orgonautes” who create and gift Orgonite all over the planet.

The gifting movement inspired me to do some research on the fascinating subject, crafting power tools.

The knowledge I had about sacred architecture, geobiology, earth energies and Tai Chi together with the discovey of Orgonite, slowly merged and guided me towards the creation of Lightstones.

My intention was to create devices emitting  a fine and precise energy.

A tool to help people transform negative thoughts and feelings, open the heart and find alignment.

Dr. Emoto’s research on the memory of water, inspired me to charge the resin, while it is still liquid, with qualities of light using intent, sacred geometry and sound frequencies.

Once the resin is cured, the divine heart frequencies, imprinted into the resin matrix, will be permanently emitted by the devices.

The devices having space empty of metal in them, emit these sacred frequencies amazingly.

Lightstones vibrate at a high level of energy on the bovis scale. They transform dead orgone or stagnant chi into positive balanced, flowing chi.

Their presence increases the strength of the aura and protects us against negativity and stress, harmful microwaves, and geopathy.

Their presence improves the flow of energy in the body and acts as preventive medicine.

Applied locally they act as pain relievers.

Lightstones makes us stronger and centered.

Containing epoxy resin, metal shavings and powder, precious and semi precious gemstones, mineral powders, flowers, copper coils, seashells and mandalas of the sacred geometry.

The crystals amplify and assure a continuous energy flow, while the copper coil directs the flow.

The shells and mandalas add frequencies from sacred geometry and work as harmonizers.

How to use Lightstones Orgone Devices?

Wear a Lightstone on you all the time.

Put a Lightstone on or next to electrical appliances.

Charge food and drinks on an orgone charging plate.

Place a Lightstone in your fishtank.

If there is geopathy in your house, a well placed Lightstone neutralizes the harm.

When building a new house, you can integrate a Lightstone in the floor or the entrance door to enhance the energy of the house.

Each device is handmade and unique.

Lightstones exist in various sizes and shapes, for personal and environmental use, and radiate from 10 to 500 meters radius.

They vibrate 44000 units on the Bovis scale used in radiesthesy.

They are beneficial for humans, animals, homes and the landscape.

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Experiment with a Lightstones Orgone Plate

One of my buyers, who has bought a 17cm diameter charging plate, has sent me the following picture showing an experiment made with the plate.

The plate was placed in the freezer with a glass of water on top of it.

When he checked the frozen water after a while, a vortex appeared inside the ice.

The energy movement generated by the plate, was clearly manifested in the ice.

The picture also shows, the same glass of water, placed in the freezer without the Orgone Plate, with uniform ice.

experiment with Lightstones Orgone plate and ice, vortex formation inside the ice

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