orgone plates, by Lightstones

Lightstones Orgone Plates

Our Orgone Plates exist in various sizes, the area of their influence is different for each size.

Orgone Plates, Lightstones, orgonite, orgone store


Travellers Orgone Plates

Orgone Plates, Lightstones orgone store plates, orgonite

The smallest device is the Travellers Orgone Plate. Small enough to put in your pocket, it cleans the energy about 24 meters diameter, which means it covers 12 meters around you.

While travelling you often have to sleep in rooms with low level of energy or geopathy. The travellers Plate neutralizes the harm and protects you.

You can use the travellers charging Plate to enhance the energy level of the water you drink by simply putting your bottle on it for one hour. You will get living water wich is very healthy and nourishing for your body.

Small Orgone Plates

orgone plates, by Lightstones

The Small Charging Plate for the house. It covers a space of 17 meters around it. It is intended to charge drinks with life energy. Water, wine, fruit juices or medecines. You can also use it to clean crystals, your pendulum, acupuncture needles etc.

Large Orgone Plates

orgone plates, Lightstones, Orgone Store

The Large Orgone Plate weighs around 3 kilos.

It covers the whole house and surroundings (180 meters). It helps with high voltage or antenna’s around the house.

It might even harmonize your relations with your neighbors.

Charges food, drinks, crystals, keeps flowers and fruits fresh and energetic.

Orgone Plates experiment

The following pictures were sent to me by one of my costumers who bought the Orgone Plate seen in the pictures.

She placed the Plate with a glass of water on top of it, in the freezer.

After a few hours, a vortex appeared in the ice.

This vortex is the sign that there is a continuous flow of energy emitted  by the plate.

This flow of energy can bring life back to any drink or food placed on the plate.

Orgone Plates, experiment with Lightstones Orgone plate and ice, vortex formation inside the ice

 LIghtstones Orgone Store

orgone plates, Lightstones Orgone, laptop on orgone plate

Our largest Orgone Plates cover an area of 600 meters diameter.

They can be used as an environmental device, and are very effective to neutralize geopathy.

Beautiful, placed on the dinner table as the center piece of your home. You can use it for all the purposes described above for the smaller plates.

This device is also useful to elevate your computer screen to a more comfortable height, used this way it gets a double function: protecting you energetically and enhancing your comfort. Highly suggested for high tech offices.

orgone plates, Lightstones Orgone

orgone plates, Lightstones Orgone
orgone plates, Lightstones OrgoneSquare Orgone Charging Plate 23X23cm(1)
Square Shape 23X23cm diameter, 2cm high. Contains amethyst as central stone, lapis lazuli, 8 copper wired white quartz crystals, 4 citrine, emerald, garnet, rose quartz , pearls. Selenite, blue kyanite and pyrite powder. Flowers and herbs (wild sage, lavender) from Mt Carmel. Gold leaves, copper coil and metals.

Ideal to place a laptop on it.

Only the upper side is transparent, other faces are milky.


Price: 210$

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