Machu Pichu, Road to the Sky

The Sanctuary of Machu Pichu, is one of the greatest ancient mysteries, unexplained yet.

Machu Pichu

This power place is listed on Unesco’s world heritage list

It’s location has kept it preserved over the centuries.

The perfection of the buildings in Machu Pichu is a mystery to modern science, no one can explain how these walls have been built.

When visiting this amazing site, I could see and feel the energy of daily life among the walls, many years ago.

I once asked the Spirit to show me how these ancient monuments were built.

My vision of how Machu Pichu was built

“The first thing I felt when getting on site within my vision, was a very high vibration of joy among the people of the community who built the city of Machu Pichu.

I knew that this vibration was the main condition to allow the work to be done. Without the joy, nothing would be built.

I saw a large community of people, kids, families, elders who were all involved and active in the creation of the various buildings.

As I said, the vibration of Joy at its highest level was the basis of the creation.

I saw that each group brought a different quality of joy: a group of little girls beautifully dressed brought the quality of purity.

People gathered in groups to create the different buildings.

When I looked closer to one of the groups at work, I understood there was one person, the “architect”, who had the vision of what they were going to build.

The Architect, transmitted the image, through telepathy, to the group.

Then they stood together, concentrating on the image.

Many people around the group stood watching, holding the vibration of joy.

The group, emitted a deep sound. I could feel the sound was somehow connected to the women’s womb.

After a while, a huge stone would appear in the space surrounded by the people, and set itself in its very precise place.

The people around the group were supporting, with huge smiles on their faces, shouting and singing their joy, each time a stone was set.

The vibration of joy was raising with each new stone who found its spot.

When a building was ready and complete, people would fill it with their joyous presence and start dancing.

The process kept going until all the city was ready.

A city built with the energy of joy!”

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