Relaxation techniques for well being.

You will find 2 totally different relaxation techniques on this page.

The first one is the basic technique that will help us create new reflexes in our body. When you practice it, you’re taking a pause from the outer world for at least thirty minutes!

The second relaxation technique is for use in everyday life, each time you have a few minutes, during a pause from work for example, for general maintenance. I call it the monkey’s dance.

Basic relaxation technique.

relaxation techniques

My master used to say “comfort first!!!!!!!”. Before you start this relaxation technique bring all that you need to feel comfortable, pillars, blanket, wear comfortable cloths, shut down the phone, and then lay down on your back. Organize yourself, you might want a small pillow under your head, one under your knees or cover yourself.

With a big exhale we let our body sink slowly to the ground, make small movements to check if whole the back side of your body is well in touch with the ground. Shoulders, head, back, spine and muscles, pelvis. Now we’re ready!

In the basic relaxation technique we are going to use our mind and inner voice to relax our body. Therefore we will send intentions – using simple, precise key words and short phrases, pronounced with a calm and monochord voice – to our body. The rhythm of the work will be given by your breath. Send the keywords while you exhale.


The first key word is HEAVY, think HEAVY, While you scan your body, part after part, taking your time. Inhale slowly and gently (=with no effort), while you exhale think “HEAVY”, Bring your attention to your feet, think “HEAVY”, and feel how your feet become heavy and sink into the ground, move with your attention through your feet, skin, muscles, bones, from the toes to the heels, and think HEAVY. When your feet become so heavy that you feel there’s no way to lift them up,

Move to the calves. Inhale slowly and gently (=with no effort), while you exhale think “HEAVY”, Bring your attention to your calves, think “HEAVY”, and feel how your calves become heavy and sink into the ground, walk with your attention through them, skin, muscles, bones, think “HEAVY”. When your calves become so heavy that you feel there’s no way to lift them up,

Move to the thighs. Inhale slowly and gently, while you exhale think HEAVY,….

Move your attention to your pelvis,….HEAVY

To the back, ……don’t forget move allover your back: spine, ribs, muscles and skin, …………HEAVY…………..




Head,…………very HEAVY…..brain also HEAVY….

One more long exhale, think “MY BODY IS HEAVY”, watch it sinking even more.


Now think “WARM”. Look for a place in the body that feels the warmest, intent this local sensation to spread as far as

possible and fill the whole body. Imagine the sun warming you up.

Feet …WARM.




Back and shoulders….WARM.

Arms and hands….WARM.




Listen to your heartbeat. Think “MY HEARTBEAT IS STRONG”. It might take some time until you perceive it. Be patient and calm. Keep saying the key phrase until you hear and feel you heart.


Think “MY BREATH IS CALM AND SPONTANIOUS”, and observe your breath as long as you feel like. Stay focused on your key phrase.


Think “TANTIEN” (hara, whatever, from now on we will call it TANTIEN), move your attention to your lower belly, about 2 cm under your navel, inside, right in the middle, the center of your body.

Try to feel the place, look for small sensations, look for a presence. You might not feel anything the first time. If so, imagine a ball, the size of a golf ball but much heavier. Imagine this ball going up with your inhales and down with your exhales.

If you still don’t feel it, laugh and you will feel it vibrate.


Think “MY FACE IS RELAXED” , and slowly relax all the small face muscles, starting with the forehead becoming smooth, moving to the eyes, eyebrows and eye corners, the temples, the nose, cheeks falling down to the sides and pull the lips, who touch each other slightly with no effort, the jaws, the tongue is relaxed and touches the back of the upper teeth, relax the throat also, go inside to the vocal chords, relax it deeply. Listen carefully, notice that each time a thought comes up to your mind, something happens with your vocal chords, small micro movements or contractions, as if the body says your thought. Now intent relaxing the vocal chords totally, …..and,no more thought will come to your mind, no noise, silence……

Now be conscious of all your body, deeply relaxed. Enjoy this sensation of well being. Stay as long as you want, when you decide to come back, do it slowly, first stretch your arms and legs, your back, start breathing more deeply, only then turn on your side before you get up.

Hi, how do you feel now?

This was a basic relaxation technique, all the more advanced chi techniques we will learn in the future, will start with this relaxation.

This relaxation technique might be too long to begin with, I suggest you to divide the technique in six parts: HEAVY, WARM, HEART, BREATH, TANTIEN, FACE.

Do one of them everyday, and take a rest on the seventh day! Then again,do that for a few weeks, then do the whole technique.

Relaxation technique 2: The monkey’s dance.

Our second relaxation technique is a funny one,

Standing up, with unlocked knees, rounded back, the upper part of the body relaxed. Start to make your body shake slightly with no effort, the movement comes from the heels, try to create an inner vibration that releases tensions, from different parts of the body: back, shoulders, arms, hands, face, brain….shake and release tensions.

Move you weight from one side to the other. Try different angles, each one will help you release a different area.

You can add voice if you feel like, “aaahh, aaaaahhhhh…aaaaaaahhhhh…aahh….ahhh…the sound comes out with no effort from the deepest parts of your body.

Imagine the body is full of water and feel how the vibrations move this water and make it flow easily. Try to hear the noise of the flowing water in the body, like “ploc, ploc, ploc….”. Do it with joy, like a little kid!

These two relaxations techniques are a starting point on your way to enhance energy in your life.


There are many other relaxing activities that you might love to read about. The main thing is to find what suits you best, a place without resistance, that you enjoy and love to return to, in order to attain physical and emotional well being, and slowly become your body’s best friend:)

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  1. Very, interesting. I have not tried this method as specifically prescribed as of yet but look forward to tryingout tonight. It is highly congurent to the Ho Chi I have done for many years. The heavy techinque I have done in the past and have experience it to the point of not only sucking into the earth but then feeling as though the I am upside down or better put that down is up and up is down and after about 5 to 10 minutes then having an out of body experince. I look forward to adding the other steps in this to see what happens.