Saved from addiction

by Perry A Sereda
(Orland Park Il.)

I used to be a drug addict and I almost died from the poison, I had to totally let go of my former self. It took a few years and alot of work, but I saved myself from myself. I asked God out loud “will you be my friend?” and he said “sure, what took you so long !!!” and I discovered my CHI Force and I don’t know how to be unhappy anymore. I’ve lost weight and I have energy again and I’m just in love with life and the possibilities of life. Five years ago if you told me I would write a story like this I would say you we’re crazy, because I had no spirituality .

Comments for Saved from addiction

Sep 20, 2013 Saved from addiction
by: Joan Very happy for you and so glad you shared your story. My brother is an addict and I hope one day he will find the strength you did.

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