Summer solstice ceremony

by Matthew Miller
(Redmond WA)

I stumbled across your website and felt you may be interested in a short ceremony we are performing on Summer Solstice.

I wrote a letter that explains where I’m coming from, but in short, at exactly 23:09 GMT on June 20th, we will give Thanks, Love and Forgiveness to the Earth and the Universe for five minutes. We have people involved all around the world now, and if this is something you find positive, please join in. And please forward to as many like-minded folks as well. Here is the body of my “Letter to Earth”. Peace

Letter to the Earth

My soul brother Taylor said he wants to perform a ceremony on Summer Solstice. A ceremony to give Thanks to the Universe, to give Love to Existence, and to give Forgiveness to the World. At first, I thought what a nice idea. But, what if the entire planet did the same at the same time? What if we could initiate an Evolution? An Earth Evolution?

I’ve been on this planet for over fifty years, and while I’ve seen amazing events occur and great technological achievements, it seems that we humans really haven’t progressed culturally or spiritually. It’s like the human song is a record with the needle stuck in a groove. We continue to war, to hate, and to treat each other and the Earth in violent and despicable ways. If anything, we’ve become adept at these things on a Global Scale. And we the people have become desensitized to the horrors, callous to our fellow humans and quite impotent. We look away and go on our way.
It just takes the slightest tap to move the needle on the record

and continue the music. And like the record, I feel that a small push from each of us can make a change. Even a small effort on a Global scale is huge. Let’s hear the human song again. I’m guessing many will say this is stupid or a waste of time. But I know that there are many who feel like me, who know the spirit in life, who do believe we can make a better World.

On Summer Solstice, June 20, 2012, at precisely 23:09 Greenwich Mean time, we simply ask for 5 minutes of your time. At this moment, wherever you may be, simply give Thanks to Your God, Your Higher Self, to whatever is Your Spiritual Truth. Give Thanks for this Life and this Experience of Soul.
Then fill Your Heart with Love. Feel it expand in your chest until it exceeds the physical body. Then let it go. Visualize it enveloping the Earth and all Humankind. Let it fill the Universe because Our Love is that powerful. Lastly, the hard part. Forgive yourself. Forgive your neighbor. Forgive your enemies. Use the same Heart Energy to Forgive each other. Five Minutes.

Together we can do better. Together we can begin this new Evolution of Life. We’re tossing a pebble into the Water. Let’s now feel the ripples.
Please invite your like-minded friends and family to join. Send this invitation across the Planet by voice, email, Facebook, mail or carrier pigeon. We want to blanket the world with Positive Energy and make a change.

Love + Forgiveness = Peace.

We sincerely give Thanks to all joining in. Taylor and Matthew and the Redmond Washington Spiritual Community

Stay Tuned For Winter Solstice…….

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