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Lightstones Orgone Store!! Chi flow enhancers and orgone devices for well being.
The Lightstones Orgone store, here you will find all our chi flow enhancers created with love on on Mount Carmel: pyramids, domes, various kinds of pendants, pocket devices, cell phone devices and some new products too. Suscribe to WhiteMagicNews and get a 20% discount at Lightstones!

Orgone devices, beautiful and energy enhancing.
We gave our orgone devices or chi flow enhancers the name of Lightstones, they are orgonites intended to help us transform negative thoughts and feeling, balance and empower our energy body.

Lightstones Orgone Store Products Line
Lightstones Orgone Store Products Line, chi energy flow enhancers, orgone devices, chi pendants, orgone pendants, HHG and TB domes and pyramids, orgone plates, chi devices and jewelry .

About shungite and orgonite
Shungite a mineral from Russia, a grounding matter with high capacity to absorb EMF and radioactivity, is a perfect protection against geopathy and electric pollution. Shungite and orgonite.

Your unique personal chi device
Order your own, personal chi device at Lightstones chi flow enhancers and orgone devices. Chi Pendant, Chakra Harmonizer, Golden Spiral, HHG.

Open your heart
Open your heart, be love, learn to accept yourself and others without judgment is the real way to happiness. Kieash’s video about heart consciousness.

The Matrix where science and magic meet
The matrix discovered in science today, is influenced by our feelings and emotions. Gregg Braden explains where science and spirituality meet.

Theta healing, an extraordinary Energy-Healing Modality
Theta healing, a technique founded by Vianna Stibal, can help us develop the ability to change and heal on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Enhance chi energy flow in your body.
To enhance chi energy flow in your body, the first thing to do is to relax, then feel and connect to your hara and use it to find the right posture. Learn to breath calmly and consciently.

How Tai Chi Chuan changed my life.
Tai chi changed my approach to life. It connected me with my inner power and made me dicover the world of energy.

Chi energy flow
Chi energy flow in our body, how it works, tensions stop the flow, our posture is a key element to keep a continuous flow.

The tantien, center of chi in our body
Discover your tantien, center of chi energy in your body, feel it and become conscious of it in your daily life

The Art of Aging Gracefully.
Aging gracefully is everybody’s dream, get tools to preserve vitality, using anti aging secrets and using the best anti aging skin care products and food supplements.

A sorcerers anti aging secrets
Anti aging secrets revealed by the sorceress Taisha Abelar in her book: “The sorcerers crossing-a woman’s journey, facial massage serie.

The Art of Chi – Israel, Inner Way International School.
The Israeli School of the Art of Chi is located in Ein Hod. We offer weekly lessons and intensive workshops. Learn to connect to your tantien. Feel the chi flow in your body.

The law of attraction
The law of attraction is all over the place for years now. Somehow it still feels difficult to make it happen. Esther Hicks channeling an infinite intelligence that she calls Abraham, makes it crystal.

Your belief system creates your reality.
An invitation to check out your belief system. Do your beliefs serve you? Or do they disturb you on your selfgrowth path? Create new positive beliefs and change your reality.

Diamond Water, a special gift.
Diamond water is springwater which has had its vibrational rate accelerated.

White Magician
The white magician is someone who is able to connect to its inner power and use it for the highest good.

Life energy book store
Find the most interesting Life Energy books available today, Amazon book store.

Time for peace project
Time for peace is a global project designed to bring peace on earth, we need to first find peace within. an invitation to join.

Enhance energy flow at home.
How to enhance energy flow in your home. Create your sacred space, declutter and make the chi flow with orgone devices and feng shui elements.

Bio-architecture for your new home
Bio-architecture is a new building approach that respects life and earth. Build yourself a healthy and nourishing home, a sacred space, according to the basics of this new architecture.

Ancient mysteries, power places and ley lines.
The relationship between humans and the earth at the beginning of sacred architecture. Ancient knowledge about power places, ley lines and related pagan rituals. Ancient mysteries of mother earth.

Geobiology, reading the earth energies
Geobiology, the knowledge about the influence of the earth on living beings. Also known as geomancy. Earth meridians, underground water and geological cracks modify the subtle energies of our home.

Dowsing, ancient white magic technique.
Dowsing priciples for beginners. Introduction to radiesthesy, ancient white magic knowledge.

The Bovis biometer
The Bovis biometer is a radiesthesy tool to measure the life energy level of food, medicine, people, objects and people. It indicates disturbances of energy flow and freshness of food and medicines.

Geopuncture to reset the energies of the land
The geopuncture described here is to reset the energies of a place, by erasing negative past memories

Earthships, off-the-grid ecological and sustainable concept
The earthships concept is a 30 years old revolution in ecological architecture, and is still a contemporary topic.

Living off grid, to enhance your personal energy and help the planet
Living off grid is a powerful way to save energy and money, it is also a way to help our planet out of pollution. Find a practical guide with all the information on how to do it.

New global economy
A new global economy plan is arising in 2012, thought by global leaders and financiers from 130 nations who started broadcasting a statement about a new revolutionary global economic restructuring.

About my work
A few words about my work, taichi teacher, bio-architect and orgonite craftor. Visit WhiteMagicWAy to read more about the tools I will be pleased to offer.

The White Magic Blog
The white Magic, chi energy flow in our body. Energy flow in our home. Enhance orgone flow with Lightstones chi flow enhancers,unique handmade orgone devices and jewelry.

White Magic Way book store
White Magic Way book store, find books about life energy, geomancy, ley lines, power places, bio-architecture and theta healing.

The White Magic Circle
The White Magic Circle is a sharing space created for the friends of White Magic way.

The White Magic Way Sitemap
Content sitemap for, Home energy, geobiology and leylines, Learn to control the chi flow in your body. Discover Lightstones Chi Flow Enhancers, unique orgone devices and jewelry.

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You were born with the potential of a white magician. White magic way is here to remind you, show you the way and the tools you have in you. No need for spells, it’s about pure white magic.