Geopuncture Technique to Erase Past Memories

Geopuncture is an ancient white magic technique.

Ancient builders practiced lithopuncture, which means earth accupuncture using standing stones.


The stones were placed at very precise spots, on power places or ley lines crossings, to disperse the place’s powerful and concentrated energy, to enhance fertility in the surrounding fields.

Today people practice geopuncture using copper rods or crystals, to heal the earth or to correct or enhance the energy of houses.

Reset the energies of a place using Geopuncture

A few years ago, I received an image of a Geopuncture technique I had to practice to clean past negative energies of houses and places.

Four crystals at the four corners of the land. These four crystals would become the four corners of an etheric pyramid, once the work is complete.

I saw that this work should be done as much as possible, wherever I go or plan a house.

All the pyramids had to be related one to the other energetically and form a new light grid on earth.

I understood that, one day, I will have to transmit this technique, to many people, in order to create this new grid. The time has come and here is the technique.

Before I start, I measure the energy level of the place on the Bovis Scale

To find the four spots where the crystals should be placed I use pendulum dowsing.

I ask to be led to the first spot, the pendulum shows me the direction by pulling, then when I find the spot, the pendulum turns clockwise above the spot.

I use white single terminated quartz crystals.

The crystals are placed with the point up. I place a crystal in the ground and turn it until my pendulum shows its orientation is right, 90% of the crystal’s height is buried while the point stays out.

Then I activate the spot by renewing its connection to earth and sky. I give the pendulum a strong clockwise swing while concentrating on the earth-sky connection of the spot, when the pendulum stops turning, the activation is done.

Then I ask to be led to the second spot, place the crystal and activate it. Then I activate the connection between the two crystals that are already placed, using the pendulum again the same way as for the activation of each spot: giving it a strong clockwise swing, concentrating on the connection between the two crystals, when the pendulum stops turning, the connection is done.

Same for the third crystal: finding the spot, placing the crystal, activate the spot, and connecting it to the second crystal and then to the first one.

Same again for the fourth crystal: finding the spot, placing the crystal, activate the spot, and connecting it to the third crystal, then the second crystal and finally to the first one.

Now that the four crystals are placed, the etheric pyramid is ready to be activated, this can be done with the pendulum, as before, or with meditation.

When the pyramid is activated, the last thing to be done is the connection with the existing grid, connect the new pyramid to all the other previously activated pyramids, visualizing the light lines and pyramids covering the earth.

The crystals are left in the earth, but if they happen to be moved by accident, it doesn’t matter

After the work is done you can see the changes by measuring the place’s energy level on the Bovis Biometer, usually, half an hour after the activation of the pyramid, you can notice that the energy level of the place has been enhanced with at least 2000 Bovis Units.

Pyramid of Light above Jerusalem: same concept, different tools

The Pyramid of Light, shown on the picture above, is a contemporary demonstration for peace, which can be realized above the Old City of Jerusalem. This is the intention of the Dutch artist Rob Schrama. From the angular points around the city wall of Jerusalem, four powerful laser beams will shoot their fluorescent green rays into the universe. They will cross each other at a height of more than 800 meters above the old city.


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