Tai Chi, The Connection to Life

Tai Chi, the practice:

It is not easy to explain how it feels like to practice Tai Chi. You need to experience it in order to feel its effect.

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Imagine that you are deeply rooted in the earth, with your two feet.

You are connected to the sky, feeling a fine wire going from the top of your head up to the sky.

The axis of your body, is a bridge between earth and sky.

You are centered in your Tantien, the center of your body, located on your central axis.

All your body is relaxed, it feels like a light cloud a bulb of soap floating around a strong center located in your lower belly.

Your eyes are wide open, you can see everything with no focus on nothing. You can feel whatever is in your field of view, no matter the distance.

Your mind is still, silent and peaceful

Your hands are floating in space, easily, without effort.

They are like highly sensitive antennas feeling and touching the universe around you.

Your body is in an effortless endless motion of circular harmonious movements.

In the right posture, moment after moment.

The movements open up the flow of chi in your body, releasing tensions, restoring a healthy flow of life energy.

Each movement is a result of a game of pressure of chi energy inside your body.

This kind of movement is not a usual movement resulting from muscle work, it is called “not doing”.

The endless flow from your Tantien to your feet, to the earth, back to your Tantien, to your hands and to the space around you.

The less you do, the more you let the energy pass through you without resisting, the better it flows.

Slowly the limits of your physical body disappear and you become ONE with the space around you.

Then the miracle happens, an inner smile makes its way from your Tantien, to your lips.

And…you simply feel happy!

“Inner Way International School for the art of chi”

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If you want to practice tai chi, check if you have a teacher of the Inner Way International School in your region, on the
School’s Site.
If you don’t, you can always join intensive workshops during vacations or, look for a good teacher in your region, no matter which style he teaches. Good luck!

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