by Harris narclives

I was in a fight with a boy and I awakened the true power inside of me I punch him and the he was laying their I had completely messed up his nerve system and when he attempted to move his legs his shoulder moved instead and I had successfully manage to beat him in a fightand this guy is in year 10 I’m in year 8 and he was the most feared in the entire school and now I’m the most feared and now the coolest so inbrace you chi if its not awaked they are way of doing that practice every day and DO’NOT ever give up on anything you are doing when I first started to learn how to use chi at first I gave up but the I thought if I give up in life I’m never going to get anywere so I preserverd and now I can make fire from my bear hand and set fire to paper by consentating on it I can also shoot out a ball of air/chi/energy. I can control water and fire and earth become one with mother nature and you can achiveve anything.

I have the gift of the 3rd eye for if you want anything just comment

I can also freeze water to which is cool if you want to play a prank because I remember my English teacher was drinking water and I froze it with my eye it scared everyone in my class and my English teacher was amazed when I demonstrated my ability in front of the hole class

I have also successfully opened my 3rd eye (just comment)

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