Time for Peace

Time for peace on planet earth.

Deep inside, we know, it is time.

Most of us are tired of war and violence, we feel it is time for a change on all levels!

Wonder what you can do about it?

Time for peace, peace project, Frequency painting PEACE, by Ori

Join the Time for Peace project, no need to be religious or spiritual, just a human being with open heart!

New discoveries about the Matrix , described and explained by Gregg Braden, show us that our heart centered feelings, are the fabric that our reality is made of.

It is what we feel in our heart that create the world around us.

The way our world looks like is a result of our mostly unconscious feelings, we have participated up to now in the creation of a world of violence, control and fear.

When we hear or read bad news, and we react with negative emotions to the events, we become upset or angry or sad, then we continue to participate in the general negativity.

The good thing is that those scientific discoveries tell us that the change depends on us, only on us.

There is nothing to expect from our leaders or governments.

Time for Peace, the vision.

It is WE the people that have the power to decide that it is Time for Peace. And the tool is our heart, the most amazing transmitter!

Gregg Braden shows us the potential for a change very clearly in the video below.

It is while listening to Gregg that the Time for Peace project came up to me.

There are already many gatherings organized as the one in this video.

What I thought was needed, is to build something that happens daily, and that would be easy for anybody to join. No need to go somewhere or to have experience in meditation, no need to be religious or spiritual.

The idea is the following: if we all go inside and connect to the feeling of peace in us, everyday at the same hour, we can make a difference!

I think every one can by turning his attention inside, to his heart, CAN FEEL PEACE in his heart.

No matter how long it lasts, a second or ten minutes or an hour. The more we connect to the feeling and the more we practice, the longer it will last with time.

If your feel it is Time for Peace, make a decision, a commitment to yourself!

And then, everyday at the given hour, no matter what or where, alone or with people, at home at work or in your car, bring peace into your heart.

If you are with people, you can share what you are doing with them and invite them to join. But even if you say nothing, they will feel the change in you.

Your inner peace, added to the field, is the starting point to make a better world.

As simple as that:)

It is starting NOW!

I have chosen three moments in the day for Time for Peace, to make it a Global Project, making it easy for people from allover the world, living in different time zones, to join.

8.00 PM GMT- 4.00 AM GMT and 12.00 AM GMT

Let’s do it!!!

You are warmly invited to share this project, make it viral.

Feel free to open a dialogue in the comments boxes below.

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Thank you for joining Time for Peace!