The Art of Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully is definitely a white magic task.

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White magicians of all times have been working on it.

We have all heard stories about shamans or sorcerers who have succeeded to reverse the human aging process, preserving vitality and agility, reaching a state where no one would be able to guess their real age.

You can read about some of these sorcerers secret techniques here. These shaman’s secrets show us that our intent to look young is more important than the physical exercise itself.

There are no more anti aging secrets in our world.

The knowledge about preserving youth is available to all, we call it health and wellness information.

This does not mean that anyone will attain quality aging, although it is everybody’s wish. Why? Because to apply the knowledge requires discipline.

On the other hand, the huge anti aging market, offers amazing products today, that can help those who don’t have the discipline and patience, to preserve wellness and vitality at a certain level.

Ideally the work should be done inside and outside.

Aging gracefully, a holistic approach.

We know today that in order to change or influence our physical body a holistic approach is required.

This means we need to work on all levels of our being, we must keep in mind that aging has physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual components.

All these components interact with each other and together they make us what we are, how we look and what kind of energy we radiate.

Living a balanced life is basic for wellness and longevity:

  • Balanced nutrition, with lots of live food and fibers.
  • Sufficient sleep.
  • Drinking lots of water.
  • Keeping contact with nature’s elements, walk bare foot on the earth, expose ourselves to the rain, the wind and the sun.
  • Breath deeply as much as you can, oxygen is the element that can keep our system young, cleans the body from dying cells.
  • 50 tips for aging gracefully

Don’t let fear interfere!

If your motivation is fear, you won’t harvest any results. You can use the best techniques and anti aging products, it won’t work!

Your basic motivation must be positive! As the sorcerers say: “sustained effort and unbending intent”

Aging gracefully requires a positive attitude.

It is impossible to feel and look good if you think negative most of the time.

Our worries and fears reflect themselves on the physical and energy bodies.

We need to learn how to cut our negative thoughts as soon as they appear, and not let them contaminate our system.

Daily relaxations can help us change our mind’s habits and send positive thoughts to our body.

Facial relaxations are great to erase the signs of worries and fears from our face and regain a relaxed positive expression.

Practice a physical activity on a daily basis, to preserve a free flow of energy through your body.

Find one activity that you enjoy, in order to keep on doing it easily every day.

The teachings of tai-chi and yoga contain many anti aging secrets.

When you watch someone practicing tai-chi at a certain distance, it is nearly impossible to guess how old the person is.

The flow of energy and the agility gained by the practice reverse or slows down the aging process of the physical body.

Aging without resistance.

What if the potential of our body went far beyond our imagination? If we hadn’t any thought that denies this potential. And we would be able not to let the collective belief about aging and menopause, influence our lives. Listen to what Abraham-Hicks have to say about that.

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