Allow Chi Energy Flow in Our Body

A continuous and steady Chi Energy Flow in our body is the key to health and well being.

chi energy flow in the human body

Chi energy must flow freely, when it flows too fast it is dispersed and the result is lack of chi, when it flows to slowly, the result is stagnation. Both, lack or stagnation of chi are the origin of illness.

To understand how chi energy flows, the best example to watch in nature is how water flows, how it creates its path, what makes it stagnate or flow too fast.

Water always chooses the easiest way to flow. When water meets a small rock, it will flow around it, when it meets a huge rock on its course it will stagnate, if the path is a straight line it will flow too fast.

Now what makes the chi energy flow stagnate in our body? First and most important: our thoughts and mood! What are your thoughts about your body? Do you appreciate it, do you allow it into well being? Do you allow constant healing to your body? Do you trust your body? Do you have negative beliefs concerning your body? Do you consider your body as a friend or enemy?

What is your mood generally? Heavy or light? Pessimistic or optimistic? Happy or depressed?

Are you stressed or overwhelmed?

Muscular tensions and bad postures are direct result of negative thoughts, they are indicators of our resistance to well being, and are the origin of energy stagnation and illness.

To release muscular tensions, we need to be attentive and aware to the fact that we are tensed, when we are aware that our shoulders, for example, are tensed we can release the tensions by deciding it or by practicing daily relaxations, another way to release the tensions is massage. In our daily lives we get tensed all the time for many different reasons, our lives are full of stress, this fills our inner rivers with huge rocks. It is important to become aware of how and when we get tensed. What are the thoughts that we think that create tensions and resist well being?

The right posture and Chi energy flow

The other element that creates stagnation of chi energy flow is our posture, since our childhood we have developed habits and ways to use our body, to stand, walk or sit, not all of these are right.

Some of our postures and ways to use our body need to be corrected in order to restore a healthy and balanced chi flow. To change our posture needs full attention, we need to observe and feel our posture when we stand, walk, sit, eat, watch TV or work.

If our lower back is arched when we stand our walk, it creates a stagnation of chi energy in our pelvis and is the origin of back aches.

If we hold our head with our chin away from the throat, we create a chi stagnation around the shoulders and upper back. These two are the main bad habits almost all of us have, but there are many other habits we have that we need to become aware of.

Each time our attention drifts away with our thoughts we do things with our body without even feeling it.

Our body needs full time attention to change our bad habits into good ones, it asks us to be aware of our posture minute after minute, all the time, this is the real work!

Every time you caught yourself in a bad posture, correct it until your body will learn the correct posture.

The practice of Tai-Chi, Pilates or Yoga may help you correct your posture and teach your body good habits faster, but the real work is to be attentive, as much as you can, and correct yourself all the time.

There are no tricks or secrets, and don’t believe those who will tell you there are.

To have a balanced and healthy chi energy flow in your body, just be attentive to your body as much as you can. It starts with a decision!

Every time you notice your chin is away from your throat, stretch your neck, every time you notice that your lower back is arched make it round again.

When you correct your posture, you will instantly feel a wave of warm energy filling your shoulders and back, and it will make you smile…until one day you will feel your body does it by itself, your body has learned the right posture again!

Also, if you want to attain physical well being, it is time to consider your body as a friend, a partner. Your body hears and listens to your thoughts and its goal is to serve you! Trust it!

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