Tantien , Center of Energy in our Body

Tantien or Dantian in China and Hara in Japan,  is the center of our energy body and physical body.

It is located in the lower belly, more or less 2 cm lower than the navel, in the middle, inside.

leonardodavinci, tantien, center of energy in our body

It is the gravity center of the body and the inner energy pump.

Our heart is the blood pump in our body, and our tantien the chi energy pump.

This center can be used as a tool, as an inner hand, to make the chi or life energy flow in the body, to concentrate your chi energy, to protect yourself, and to find the right posture.

My Master Vlady Stevanovitch , describes in one of his books how being centered in his Tantien, saved his life during the second world war.

In his book he describes a scene that can give an image on how being centered can change events in sometimes miraculous ways.

Before leaving his Master to go and join the resistance, his master wanted to check if he is ready and asked him to stand and concentrate in his Tantien.

After a while his Master took a glass of water and threw the water in his direction.

At the same moment a violent wind opened the window and blew all the water aside, not even one drop of water touched him.

Centered in your Tantien

When someone is centered, he has a different light in his eyes, a different presence.

He is rooted, and connected to the earth and sky,  powerfully anchored.

When you are centered, it feels as if you have an inner hand that holds the axis of the body between earth and sky.

The entire body organizes itself easily around this central axis, the muscles can be released of their tensions.

Imagine , a hand in your belly a little lower then the navel, in the middle inside, that you slowly close into a fist, hold it strongly.

It might feel as a contraction.

Open and close this hand a few times and listen to your sensations.

After a few times, you will start to feel a presence there, imagine it is a ball, a little heavy ball inside your belly, your Tantien!

Try to smile with your tantien.

Try to talk bringing up the sound from your Tantien, you will be astonished to hear it is a totally different voice.

When you cough or laugh, you can easily feel how it jumps in your belly.

If you are very sensitive, there is no need to contract it strongly in order to feel it, try to feel it by closing this inner hand softly.

I like to imagine that it is a Pearl held between two fingers.

I say strongly just to feel it for the first time.

Later you will be able to do it very softly and still control it.

As if it is a Pearl held between two fingers.

In fact it is enough to direct your attention there in order to feel it.

You can connect to it and control it with your intent, but the feeling is as if it is a muscle.

There are many ways to use it:

You can contract it with your exhale and release it with your inhale, when breathing in the lower belly.

You can contract it with your inhale and release it with your exhale, when breathing into your lungs.

You can contract it and hold it without connecting it to your breath.

In fact it is possible to have it slightly contracted all day long, you will feel rooted and it will keep you in the right posture.

When the Tantien is slightly contracted, the upper part of the body can lean on it and all the muscles around the shoulders, neck and upper back can be relaxed.

There are many different chi techniques with different variations, once you feel how to connect to your Tantien and use it to regulate your chi flow.

It is the center of control and regulation of chi or life energy in your body.

Any practice of martial art or work with energy requires the connection to the center and the ability to use it.

As for any skill, this can be acquired by regular exercise and attention.

The Tantien is the main and basic tool to all chi techniques.

The Chinese Masters also call it the “alchemical chaldron” because this is the place where the chi is purified before it is sent back to flow in the body.

If you are not connected to your Hara, working with chi energy can be dangerous.

The Tantien is the anchor, it is the only place in the body where it is safe to gather energy.

Accumulation or stagnation of chi anywhere else in the body is a result of resistance, and is painful.

As we already said, the chi must flow freely, and regularly, not too slow and not too fast.

Sometimes when you practice chi techniques it causes the chi to suddenly flow too fast, it can make you feel dizzy or give you headache.

Contracting your center will instantly slow the flow and balance it.

Each time you contract you Tantien, you bring back the chi energy there.

It is important to be able to do this easily before starting to practice any other chi technique or tantra.

Basic technique to connect and feel your Tantien

Sit down.

Place your fingers on your belly at the height of the hara, 2cm under the navel.

Breath in and push your fingers away from your belly with your muscles.

Breath out, the muscles that pushed your fingers out relax, and let the fingers go inside the soft muscles towards the center.

Let your exhales and the movement inside be longer than the inhale.

At the end of the long exhales, feel a contraction, in the center, inside your belly.

Stay there, a bit, until you feel the need to inhale again.

Then, with the next inhale, push your fingers away from the center again.

When you start to control the movement of the muscles, out and back in, you can remove your fingers.

Pushing your Tantien forward in your lower belly with the inhale and bringing it back to the center with the exhale, is the basic exercise for all the inner techniques of chi.

Practice this one as much as you can and your Tantien will become stronger and more present from day to day.

I suggest to practice relaxation techniques and to put your attention on your Tantien once your body is relaxed.

It will enhance your sensations and make it easier for you to feel the density of the Tantien and how it can create waves and easily fill a relaxed body with chi.

Just feel it is the center, and start breathing from there, let your Tantien fill your body with each inhale and take everything back to the center with each exhale.

After a few times you will notice your body has lost its borders, it has become a cloud that grows with each inhale and contracts with each exhale.

A breathing cell, expanding and contracting at the pace of the breath.

Always end the relaxation with a few long exhales, bringing back all your energy to your center, before coming back!

Here is another breathing technique to practice.

The most important is to always be conscious of your center, make it part of your life and attention, as your hands are.

It will take your presence away from your mind that most of the time disturbs more than helps.

It will bring you closer to a state called “no mind”, well known by all martial arts practitioners.

When you are connected and centered all your body organizes itself around it, it transforms your posture and your presence.

And it is the root for the flower to open at the heart level, your chest can be wide open because it has something strong to lean on.

Since it is your gravity center, it connects you to all gravity centers in the universe.

It opens the possibility to the body to be strong and efficient with a minimum of effort.

Makes you powerful, calm and rooted.

Brings you to the only place that really exists: here and now!

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Let your Tantien be your best friend!


Geopuncture Technique to Erase Past Memories

Geopuncture is an ancient white magic technique.

Ancient builders practiced lithopuncture, which means earth accupuncture using standing stones.


The stones were placed at very precise spots, on power places or ley lines crossings, to disperse the place’s powerful and concentrated energy, to enhance fertility in the surrounding fields.

Today people practice geopuncture using copper rods or crystals, to heal the earth or to correct or enhance the energy of houses.

Reset the energies of a place using Geopuncture

A few years ago, I received an image of a Geopuncture technique I had to practice to clean past negative energies of houses and places.

Four crystals at the four corners of the land. These four crystals would become the four corners of an etheric pyramid, once the work is complete.

I saw that this work should be done as much as possible, wherever I go or plan a house.

All the pyramids had to be related one to the other energetically and form a new light grid on earth.

I understood that, one day, I will have to transmit this technique, to many people, in order to create this new grid. The time has come and here is the technique.

Before I start, I measure the energy level of the place on the Bovis Scale

To find the four spots where the crystals should be placed I use pendulum dowsing.

I ask to be led to the first spot, the pendulum shows me the direction by pulling, then when I find the spot, the pendulum turns clockwise above the spot.

I use white single terminated quartz crystals.

The crystals are placed with the point up. I place a crystal in the ground and turn it until my pendulum shows its orientation is right, 90% of the crystal’s height is buried while the point stays out.

Then I activate the spot by renewing its connection to earth and sky. I give the pendulum a strong clockwise swing while concentrating on the earth-sky connection of the spot, when the pendulum stops turning, the activation is done.

Then I ask to be led to the second spot, place the crystal and activate it. Then I activate the connection between the two crystals that are already placed, using the pendulum again the same way as for the activation of each spot: giving it a strong clockwise swing, concentrating on the connection between the two crystals, when the pendulum stops turning, the connection is done.

Same for the third crystal: finding the spot, placing the crystal, activate the spot, and connecting it to the second crystal and then to the first one.

Same again for the fourth crystal: finding the spot, placing the crystal, activate the spot, and connecting it to the third crystal, then the second crystal and finally to the first one.

Now that the four crystals are placed, the etheric pyramid is ready to be activated, this can be done with the pendulum, as before, or with meditation.

When the pyramid is activated, the last thing to be done is the connection with the existing grid, connect the new pyramid to all the other previously activated pyramids, visualizing the light lines and pyramids covering the earth.

The crystals are left in the earth, but if they happen to be moved by accident, it doesn’t matter

After the work is done you can see the changes by measuring the place’s energy level on the Bovis Biometer, usually, half an hour after the activation of the pyramid, you can notice that the energy level of the place has been enhanced with at least 2000 Bovis Units.

Pyramid of Light above Jerusalem: same concept, different tools

The Pyramid of Light, shown on the picture above, is a contemporary demonstration for peace, which can be realized above the Old City of Jerusalem. This is the intention of the Dutch artist Rob Schrama. From the angular points around the city wall of Jerusalem, four powerful laser beams will shoot their fluorescent green rays into the universe. They will cross each other at a height of more than 800 meters above the old city.


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Enhance Energy Flow at Home

To enhance energy in your home, the first thing to do is to take a quiet moment to feel the energy. Do you feel the energy flow, do you feel harmony?

Lightstones Orgone Plate with hand painted candle holders, enhance energy at home

Write down everything that comes up to you, things that need to be repaired, thrown out, painted, moved, taken care of, cleaned.

There might be an object or furniture or colors that disturb you for years already, but you never really noticed it.

Take your list and start acting, do it with joy, sing or smile or even dance while you start creating new energy for your space.

Your joy will be the essence, the basement of the new enhanced energy.

The same way tension stops the energy flow in the body, clutter blocks the free energy flow in your house and in your garden. Clutter is our key element here!

There is no way to enhance energy in a cluttered space.

From now on, clutter control every day!!!

My suggestion at that point is: throw or give away as much as you can!

No need to carry your past on your shoulders all the time.

This is one of the main reasons of low energy level in your body as well as in your house.

Throw anything you haven’t used for one year or more! I’m not joking!

There are some exceptions of course, but the fewer the better.

Throw everything that is broken, especially mirrors. Broken mirrors cut the free flow of energy.

Done? You probably feel much better now that the energy flows easily through the space. The enhancing work can start.

From now on, intuition will be your main tool!

To wake up your hands to feel energy, shake them intending to relax all the muscles, fingers and palms, then open and close them a few times, and shake them again, then listen…do you feel vibrations in your hands?

Now hold them open and relax and start walking slowly through your house using your hands as antennas, fully attentive to your sensations, breathing and intuition.

Write down everything that comes up to you.

Tips to enhance energy

This technique, will help you locate “good” and “bad” energies you have in your house. If you have experience with dowsing , you can use your pendulum or rods to locate these spots too.

The Bovis Biometer , which requires dowsing knowledge too, is a very helpful tool to measure the energy level rooms, objects, sculptures, masks or paintings.

It will help you keep or get rid of some objects.

When the energy flows freely, the results measured on the bovis scale should be good.

If you have a room without natural ventilation, you will need to place an ionizer, to enhance its energy level.

Salt lamps create a nice and warm atmosphere and are natural ionizers too.

Place candles in the south corner of your living room and sleeping room to create a good atmosphere.

If you have two doors or windows one in front of the other, it creates a fast flow of air and energy.

Energy should not flow too fast nor stagnate, it needs to flow smoothly through your house.

This situation requires a wind shime, right in the middle of the space between the two doors or windows, this will slow up and harmonize the flow.

Wind shimes are great harmonizers, see if there’s a place around the house where you can place one and invite the wind to play music for you.

In your garden use your eyes for scanning too. See if there are spots where nothing grows. Bury a white quartz crystal there, to enhance the energy of the spot and plants will probably start growing.

Look at the trees, do they all grow vertical, if not it means there is underground water passing through this place, the tree distances itself from the disturbing frequency.

You don’t have to know what exactly is each energy you feel.

The key question you need to focus on is: “Does this energy I feel now, feed me or my house energetically or not?”

The answer is the first thing that comes up to your mind!

This simple method will give you indications about moving your bed or furniture.

The sleeping, resting and working places must be clean.

If you find “negative” energy everywhere you might need the help of a professional, a geobiologist.

Wish to learn more about house clearing, I warmly recommend, one of the most interesting websites about Earth Changes and energy transitions.

Our crystal geopuncture technique will clean the place and enhance energy of house and surroundings.

If you live in town, geopuncture is out of context, but you can place programmed quartz crystals or orgone energy enhancers at the four corners of your apartment, it will do the job.

Enhance energy flow in your house is a never ending job. Burn sage or incense from time to time for refreshing, essential oils are also very useful to enhance energy.

You are the keeper of the level and flow of energy in your house. It all depends on your intent and energy level.

The more you will do to enhance esthetically, the more the level of energy will raise.

Create a good atmosphere using candles.

Hand painted standard glass bulbs, or candle holders, can make miracles in a low energy room.

The colors on the glass, paint all the space around them when the candles or lamp bulb are lit, and warm up the atmosphere.

Orgone Devices or chi flow enhancers can help you enhance energy more easily, due to their extremely high vibration on the Bovis scale.

They never stop shining and doing their job.

Invite the birds to come and enhance energy for you by putting water for them on trees or other well protected high places around your house.

It takes some time before they arrive, but once they feel they can trust, they come to bath and drink every day.

Their presence will be the sign that life energy flows nicely and that you succeeded to create your sacred space!

Attract birds to your garden

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Enhance Chi Energy Flow in Your Body

Chi Energy needs your body to be relaxed to flow freely through it.

Tension stops the flow.

Some tensions result from hard physical work, some are from continuous stress.

tai chi practice, chi energy, white magic way

When we are worried and stressed, we send frequencies of fear and insecurity through our body. The natural reaction of the body is to protect itself. How? By tensing the muscles that are related to self protection, for example, the back and shoulder muscles.

The first thing to do in order to restore the energy flow, is to release those tensions. You will find very effective relaxation techniques here. These techniques are what you start with and need to practice for a while.

But, the real work is in everyday life, you’ll be more aware of the fact that you tense muscles that you don’t really need right now, you’ll watch yourself doing it, and each time you will catch yourself tensing an unnecessary muscle, you will relax it. This way you will slowly, slowly build yourself new habits.

Then, one day, you will suddenly feel that you are relaxed, much more than a year or two or three ago, not totally yet, but the energy flows much better already through your body. And probably it will make you feel happy!

Once you are aware of this and do the everyday work of releasing tensions as much as you can, you can start using your chi power center.

Tantien, center of chi energy

This center, called Tantien, hara or the alchemy chaldron, is the geometric and gravity center of your body and also your chi pump.

The Hara pumps life energy in and sends out clean, fresh chi energy to all parts of the body.

Your power center is kind of an energetic heart; it has the same function for the energy as your heart has for the blood circulation.

Once you feel the Hara and know how to relax your body you are ready for the right posture. Which is a key element to enhance the flow of chi in your body.

When you start integrating the three elements -relaxation, hara and the right posture- you are ready to feel energy. Everyone can feel energy. Our hands are highly sensitive antennas. You only need to wake them up and they will tell you about chi.

And when you are fully attentive, centered and relaxed, sitting in the right posture, your breath slows down, and becomes deeper by itself with no effort.

Breathing is a key word for well being, and with time i will describe several breathing techniques on the site here.

Find your Chi Energy practice

The tools mentioned above (which I intend to develop further) are basics for many different practices and disciplines, you can use them doing meditation, tai-chi, dance or sport. You have to find what your discipline is, the one you will practice with passion and enthusiasm, the one that best suits the needs of your body and soul.

So where were we? Relax, connect to your center, keep the right posture, feel, breathe…so many things to do?! I’m already tired when I think about it! That brings us to our daily practice.

Relax! Take your time. After all, it took us many years to build our bad habits, it will take us some time to be perfect beings again, and the journey is more important than the target.

Build yourself a solid practice that won’t fade away after two weeks. The best way to lose energy, is to take decisions you can’t stand behind. Stand behind your decisions, your level of energy will rise.

So, how do I start? Small, start small! This is the secret of small decisions! Start with five minutes a day for two weeks, or one month, then add five more minutes for a couple of weeks, and so on until…after a few months you will practice daily for maybe half an hour, and you will enjoy every minute!

You can keep your half hour for years until you will have more time. The length of your daily practice doesn’t really matter. The most important is that you stand behind your decisions, and raise your level of energy by doing that.

Here is a good website with a lot of information about work with chi.

Dance, walk, move…get happy!

This might sound heavy and too hard for you, learn and practice for so long before seeing results, maybe you need something that works immediately, something that enhances your chi flow and brings joy into your life.

Move, Walk, laugh, Dance! Dance everyday, party at home every morning and bring joy into your body and soul!

Life energy book store. The greatest books about life energy!

Do you have a daily practice?

What do you practice? At what time of the day? How does it feel? Share Your experience!

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