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Open Your Heart

To open your heart is the most important thing to do for yourself, for your loved ones and for mother earth.

To learn to raise and make chi energy flow and connect to your tantien, are important tools for self-growth, it will make you stronger, healthier and more immune to negative energies.

But once you have learned all these techniques, the real goal is to develop heart consciousness.

Your tantien is the root of  the flower, the rose of the heart. The stronger the roots, the more the rose will bloom.

When you are strong and connected to your tantien, you can relax the upper part of your body and open your breath and your heart, and then your wings.

When your heart is open, loving yourself and everyone becomes natural, there is no judgment on people and situations. Your presence shines power, peace and love to your environment.

Once you open your heart, life’s magic starts to work for you.

Synchronicity flows in, people and ideas come to you with perfect timing.

The answers to all your questions reveal themselves, the universe conspires to respond to your desires, and fullfill your dreams.

It starts with the intention to be centered in your heart, center of your chest, as much and often as you can.

Be there with a sens of acceptation of whatever comes up. Ready to accept emotions, thoughts, situations without judgment.


During the process of opening your heart, a lot of negative energy might come up: sadness, fears, anger…

These energies are coming to the surface in order to be looked at and accepted. Then they can be released and transformed into positive energies.

Once accepted, these energies can shift into a new vibration.

New qualities, those of the heart: love, joy, humility, acceptation…

It is easy to do but you need to remind it yourself all the time, it requires determination and unbending intent.

There is no white magic without heart consciousness!

Find your way to open your heart

Everyone has a space or occupation where it is easier for him to open his heart, find yours.

It can be when you are cooking, singing, when you are with your children, or when you help someone or when you walk on the beach.

For me this space is when I create orgone devices, and people feel this alignment when they see the devices, they radiate heart qualities, this is why I have called them Lightstones.

Gregg Braden tells us about his research about the language and the power of our hearts. It is time to reclaim our power, with heart!

Kiesha, Little Grandmother, explains it on a simple and beautiful way in the videos below. An urgent invitation to open your heart.


Open your Heart, Meditation

A beautiful meditation brought to us by the 13 grandmothers.

Meditation on the Rose of the Heart intended to open your heart with ease.
— page 174, A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak, Sharon McErlane
“Begin by sensing the center of your chest. Notice the texture of this area of your body, the temperature, softness or hardness, perhaps the color you sense inside your chest. Observe what it is like in the heart area of your body.

“Get a rose to look at. Not a tight bud or one that is fully blown, but a multi-petaled rose, partially opened. Look into the rose and take your time. Smell it. A natural rose that hasn’t been hybridized will have a scent and these are best. Scent is intrinsic to a rose.

“Feel its skin, the petals, of the rose, and smell it again as you examine its intricacy. How beautiful these petals are. Study how each relates to each, the pattern that lies on top and underneath, as well as the petal’s delicate edge. Notice how the rose circles round, folding and enfolding, right to the very heart of itself. A rose is formed in relation to its petals. The miracle of the rose exists because of its scent, texture, variation of color and the relationship of its petals.

“How perfect this flower is. How perfect you are. If you only knew! Every part of you relating perfectly to every other—your organs, in conversation with each other, your essence permeating throughout. Now close your eyes and focus again on the heart area of your body. Notice how it feels, what the sensation is like there and then think of bringing the beautiful rose you have been studying, into your heart. The rose is now within your heart.

“Watch as it opens slowly. Opening…opening. As you inhale, the rose opens as if stretching, and as you breathe out, the rose also breathes out and closes a bit. Breathing in, it opens further, breathing out, it closes a little. And at the next breath it opens more, casting its fragrance into the atmosphere.

“As the rose opens, so does your heart. With your in-breath, both the rose and your heart open, with the out-breath they close a little and in the next in-breath they open further. Because the rose/heart follows your breath, this gradual process serves to expand your heart. Breathe with the rose of your heart, opening a little more each time you inhale.

“Next, expand the rose so your chest is contained within its petals. Experience this enormous rose of your heart. Now the rose swells until it contains your entire body. Feel yourself surrounded by and filled with the rose.

“Expand it further to fill the room you are sitting in and further still to fill the area where you live. Let it expand to saturate your part of the country.

“This enormous heart/rose is now expanding to fill your entire country. Onward, outward, ever outward, it is filling all the countries of the world, holding all people, all bodies of water and landmasses of the earth. The great heart/rose now holds the earth within its petals and expands on until the sun is contained within it, the galaxy, and the universe. Everything. Everything is now contained within your enormous heart/rose.

“Far into space this vast rose of your heart expands until it holds everything. Feel this. Sense this. Rest in this place for a moment and notice what it’s like to be in such an expanded state before you continue.

“Now the return journey begins, a much faster journey. The Rose of the Heart is beginning its return to you. It is coming in now; it is rushing back, contracting back to your country, to your city, to your home, contracting into your body and last of all, into your own physical heart.

“Take a moment to rest in this space within your heart and observe this area of your body now. This is where the rose/heart lives and will always live.
Notice if any changes have occurred since we began. What is this area of your body like now? How does it feel here?” Notice the size of your heart, its weight, its temperature, color and texture. Compare your heart now to the way it felt before you did this exercise.

“Such is the beauty and massive magnificence of your own heart. Rest here.”

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