Qigong practice and energy flow

Hi, anyone who is interested in the ancient Chinese art of Qigong. I have been practicing Qigong for three years and can testify that it is the single most strongest way to clear and increase your energy levels there is! When movement is combined with standing meditation, one connects to both the universal and Earth energies simultaneously. In this way we form a conduit for these energies to collect within us and be used for health, intuition and creativity. This conscious form of energy collection is a large aspect of our evolution and will be recognized as being vital for our higher functioning to manifest.


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Sep 11, 2015 Qigong is a spiritual path
by: Anonymous Qigong is a spiritual path of martial arts in china I did a little research about Qigong when I got an assignment on the topic of energy of human body and what I got in research is that this Qigong is now also use as an intervention on medical profession

Jun 22, 2015 Good post
by: Sabryna Hilpert Hello! Your site is great!I also have a blog and want to publish one of your article on it if it’s possible?I will link at you after publishing! Thanks for answering!

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