Open Your Heart

To open your heart is the most important thing to do for yourself, for your loved ones and for mother earth.

To learn to raise and make chi energy flow and connect to your tantien, are important tools for self-growth, it will make you stronger, healthier and more immune to negative energies.

But once you have learned all these techniques, the real goal is to develop heart consciousness.

Your tantien is the root for the flower that your heart is to bloom.

When you are strong and connected to your tantien, you can relax the upper part of your body and open your breath and your heart.

When your heart is open, you can love yourself and everyone, you can stop judging others and shine your love to your environment.Once you do this, life’s magic starts to work for you.

It is easy to do but you need to remind it to yourself all the time, in order to keep your heart open.

During the process of opening your heart, a lot of negative energy might come up: sadness, fears, anger…

These energies are coming to the surface in order to be looked at and accepted. Then they can be released and transformed into positive energies.

These positive energies are the qualities of the heart: love, joy, humility, acceptation…

There is no white magic without heart consciousness!

Find your way to open your heart

Everyone has a space or occupation where it is easier for him to open his heart, find yours.

It can be when you are cooking, singing, when you are with your children, or when you help someone or when you walk on the beach.

For me this space is when I create orgone devices, and people feel this alignment when they see the devices, they radiate heart qualities, this is why I have called them Lightstones.

Gregg Braden tells us about his research about the language and the power of our hearts. It is time to reclaim our power, with heart!

Kiesha, Little Grandmother, explains it on a simple and beautiful way in the videos below.


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