Castaneda’s Magical Passes

Magical Passes or Tensegrity, lately released to the large public by Carlos Castaneda, is a discipline intended to gather the dispersed energy at the edge of our energy body and bring it back to the vital centers.

magical passes by Castaneda, exercices to enhance energy

These are very powerful exercises that can help us enhance our level of energy easily.

The movements have been set up by seers, who could see the flow of energy and the energetic reaction created by the movement.

One of the natural results of a daily tensegrity practice is an important energy enhancement and a slow down of the aging process, although this was not the goal of the sorcerers who created the movements.

Every one can learn and practice those exercises.

It is suggested to practice daily in order to feel the results of the practice in daily life.

As we said, somewhere else on this site, start small!

Start with 5 minutes a day, then add 5 more minutes after a few weeks, and then again until you have built a solid daily practice.

Here you will find all the Passes that exist on video.

The three amazing women on the videos are called Chacmools.

They are the recipients of Castaneda’s knowledge and an example of Impeccable Warriors.

“To walk the full length of a path that one truly loves, don Juan said, one needs the passion, courage, imagination, vigilance, discipline, self-awareness, grace, strength, resourcefulness, efficiency, patience, adaptability, and humbleness of a navigator.

This is what the Tensegrity® practitioners aspire to: The spirit of the navigator, the being who makes the continuous commitment to travel the path of awareness every moment. The struggle of the navigator is not with one’s fellow men, don Juan said. Nor is it with oneself. And it’s ultimately not a struggle. Rather, it’s an acquiescence—to the energetic currents of the sea of awareness in the universe.

Don Juan said that the seers of his line maintained that the universe is a sea of energy—energy that is in constant change. And that the most functional thing one can do, rather than attempt to fight or resist that continuous change, is to join forces with it—an endeavor that takes a navigator’s discipline.”

Some of the exercises are shown by other of Castaneda’s students.

Have a good time, enjoy every minute of your practice!

Magical Passes, Twelve Basic Movements

Magical Passes, saber toothed tiger of intent



Magical Passes, Unbending Intent

Magical Passes, preparing Intent

Magical Passes, Nyei Murez, student of Carlos Castenada

Reni Murez on the work of Carlos Castaneda

webinar with Renata Murez Carlos Castaneda tensegrity the path to impeccability in relationships

For those who want to go deeper into the practice

Castaneda’s students are keeping up with the transmission of their discipline. There are workshops you can join. Find more information on their website.


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