White Magic Way

White Magic Way to well being, health and self empowerment.

White Magic is the wisdom of connecting to the flow of life force energy, and directing it with pure intent in the spirit of truth.

Becoming a humble co-creator with life itself.

White Magic is the wisdom of living with heart.

Using our intent to raise the level of energy in and around us.

It connects us the universe, to heaven and earth…to the stars.

Happiness is a level of energy.

White magic way, Lightstones Orgone

White magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural or powers or spells for selfless purposes.

This site is not about White Magic spells, it is about self empowerment and awareness to the magic of being alive….now!

It offers you simple tools and techniques to enhance your personal level of energy, and experience life energy in your daily life.

These techniques presented here, will enable you to connect to your inner power, feel chi energy, transform your home into a sacred space, and become more aware of subtle energies.

With practice you will be more centered, relaxed and connected, using intuition and intention in daily life.

Chi energy or life energy has always been my main interest.

During twenty years of Tai-Chi practice and teaching, I have learned to feel the energy flow, and to work with it, always for well being and health.

I have applied this knowledge in architecture, and in the creation of chi flow enhancers or orgone energy devices, that I have called “Lightstones”.

From my home on Mt Carmel in Israel, where Elijah the Prophet wandered, where it is said that Jesus learned and lived with the Esenian cave dwellers, I create Orgone Devices and jewellry called Lightstones,  for daily wear and environmental use.

They are designed to enhance life energy flow, create balance and harmony.

All the techniques described here at White Magic Way have guided me on my path, since the first time that I have felt life energy, at the age of 25.

It has been almost 3 decades now that I practice and teach Tai Chi Chuan, representing the international school of the “Art of Chi” in Israel.

Together with this deep energy body work, I have met and learned different shamanic disciplines over the years.

Geomancy connected me with the spirit of earth.

Heart meditation and dream work, taught me the depth of the soul.

Plant teachers and chanting, showed me the deep transformation available to humans coming to this plane.

With the years, these different branches of knowledge have merged into new teachings that I have called Soul Movement.

Soul Movement

An encounter with tools and techniques from the world of Chi Kung and Tai chi, in order to bring the body in alignment, opening up a connection to spirit.

When our body is in the right posture, in alignment between earth and sky, the mind can release control.

When we feel the Chi energy in and around us, are connected to our center (Hara, Tantien) and our breathe is deep and effortless; we can reach a state of “not doing”.

Chi energy can flow through our body and create a movement, a dance which is a result of complete surrender.

It is in this state that resistance melts and deep healing can occur.

Being an eternal student at the university of life, my encounter with Human Design and Astrology, a few years ago, opened the doors to new realms that I am eagerly exploring these days. Expect fresh content very soon about this amazing knowledge.

Human Design and Astrology have become an important part in my work as personal guide for self empowerment.

Those who wish to have a Human Design basic reading on Skype are warmly invited to contact me at [email protected]

The way of the heart has brought synchronicity into my life and I am grateful to have always found the “right teacher” at the “right time”.

It is my wish that you will find here what your heart is seeking for.

Welcome and thank you for your presence!

Lightstones, White Magic Way Creations

white magic way, lightstones orgone

Lightstones are beautiful, hand made sculptures designed to enhance and balance flow of energy in your life.  

Each completely unique Lightstone is designed to aid you in one or more specific ways.

They are intended to aid in developing and maintaining an abundant level of positive energy.

Historically and traditionally some names for this energy are Chi, Prana and Orgone. Many spiritually advanced cultures throughout history have named and actively developed uses for this infinite natural force.

When a person integrates a constant, balanced flow of this energy into all one is and does, the effect is subtle but profound.

Here at Lightstones, we create our products with the intent to help you in strengthening your immune system, to shield against the adverse effects of EMF radiation, dissipate emotional negativity, and to help you connect and maintain the connection to your higher spiritual self.

By wearing, actively using or placing a Lightstone in your environment, you will enjoy a higher state of security and vitality.

Each Stone, created with natural elements in the purest raw form, can function in many ways. A suggested list of these is provided with each product, along with detailed instructions for the most common uses.

For those that have a special need or challenge, we understand. Please remember that we love to take special requests and have many years experience in producing custom work here in our studio on sacred Mount Carmel, Israel.

At Lightstones you will find everything you need to make the energy in your life, and the lives of your loved ones shine!

Frequency painting PEACE, by Ori

This website is alive, it grows and changes all the time, come back often to stay up-to-date:) and….Experience a Positively Radiant Energy Flow, the White Magic Way!


Tantien , Center of Energy in our Body

Tantien or Dantian in China and Hara in Japan,  is the center of our energy body and physical body.

It is located in the lower belly, more or less 2 cm lower than the navel, in the middle, inside.

leonardodavinci, tantien, center of energy in our body

It is the gravity center of the body and the inner energy pump.

Our heart is the blood pump in our body, and our tantien the chi energy pump.

This center can be used as a tool, as an inner hand, to make the chi or life energy flow in the body, to concentrate your chi energy, to protect yourself, and to find the right posture.

My Master Vlady Stevanovitch , describes in one of his books how being centered in his Tantien, saved his life during the second world war.

In his book he describes a scene that can give an image on how being centered can change events in sometimes miraculous ways.

Before leaving his Master to go and join the resistance, his master wanted to check if he is ready and asked him to stand and concentrate in his Tantien.

After a while his Master took a glass of water and threw the water in his direction.

At the same moment a violent wind opened the window and blew all the water aside, not even one drop of water touched him.

Centered in your Tantien

When someone is centered, he has a different light in his eyes, a different presence.

He is rooted, and connected to the earth and sky,  powerfully anchored.

When you are centered, it feels as if you have an inner hand that holds the axis of the body between earth and sky.

The entire body organizes itself easily around this central axis, the muscles can be released of their tensions.

Imagine , a hand in your belly a little lower then the navel, in the middle inside, that you slowly close into a fist, hold it strongly.

It might feel as a contraction.

Open and close this hand a few times and listen to your sensations.

After a few times, you will start to feel a presence there, imagine it is a ball, a little heavy ball inside your belly, your Tantien!

Try to smile with your tantien.

Try to talk bringing up the sound from your Tantien, you will be astonished to hear it is a totally different voice.

When you cough or laugh, you can easily feel how it jumps in your belly.

If you are very sensitive, there is no need to contract it strongly in order to feel it, try to feel it by closing this inner hand softly.

I like to imagine that it is a Pearl held between two fingers.

I say strongly just to feel it for the first time.

Later you will be able to do it very softly and still control it.

As if it is a Pearl held between two fingers.

In fact it is enough to direct your attention there in order to feel it.

You can connect to it and control it with your intent, but the feeling is as if it is a muscle.

There are many ways to use it:

You can contract it with your exhale and release it with your inhale, when breathing in the lower belly.

You can contract it with your inhale and release it with your exhale, when breathing into your lungs.

You can contract it and hold it without connecting it to your breath.

In fact it is possible to have it slightly contracted all day long, you will feel rooted and it will keep you in the right posture.

When the Tantien is slightly contracted, the upper part of the body can lean on it and all the muscles around the shoulders, neck and upper back can be relaxed.

There are many different chi techniques with different variations, once you feel how to connect to your Tantien and use it to regulate your chi flow.

It is the center of control and regulation of chi or life energy in your body.

Any practice of martial art or work with energy requires the connection to the center and the ability to use it.

As for any skill, this can be acquired by regular exercise and attention.

The Tantien is the main and basic tool to all chi techniques.

The Chinese Masters also call it the “alchemical chaldron” because this is the place where the chi is purified before it is sent back to flow in the body.

If you are not connected to your Hara, working with chi energy can be dangerous.

The Tantien is the anchor, it is the only place in the body where it is safe to gather energy.

Accumulation or stagnation of chi anywhere else in the body is a result of resistance, and is painful.

As we already said, the chi must flow freely, and regularly, not too slow and not too fast.

Sometimes when you practice chi techniques it causes the chi to suddenly flow too fast, it can make you feel dizzy or give you headache.

Contracting your center will instantly slow the flow and balance it.

Each time you contract you Tantien, you bring back the chi energy there.

It is important to be able to do this easily before starting to practice any other chi technique or tantra.

Basic technique to connect and feel your Tantien

Sit down.

Place your fingers on your belly at the height of the hara, 2cm under the navel.

Breath in and push your fingers away from your belly with your muscles.

Breath out, the muscles that pushed your fingers out relax, and let the fingers go inside the soft muscles towards the center.

Let your exhales and the movement inside be longer than the inhale.

At the end of the long exhales, feel a contraction, in the center, inside your belly.

Stay there, a bit, until you feel the need to inhale again.

Then, with the next inhale, push your fingers away from the center again.

When you start to control the movement of the muscles, out and back in, you can remove your fingers.

Pushing your Tantien forward in your lower belly with the inhale and bringing it back to the center with the exhale, is the basic exercise for all the inner techniques of chi.

Practice this one as much as you can and your Tantien will become stronger and more present from day to day.

I suggest to practice relaxation techniques and to put your attention on your Tantien once your body is relaxed.

It will enhance your sensations and make it easier for you to feel the density of the Tantien and how it can create waves and easily fill a relaxed body with chi.

Just feel it is the center, and start breathing from there, let your Tantien fill your body with each inhale and take everything back to the center with each exhale.

After a few times you will notice your body has lost its borders, it has become a cloud that grows with each inhale and contracts with each exhale.

A breathing cell, expanding and contracting at the pace of the breath.

Always end the relaxation with a few long exhales, bringing back all your energy to your center, before coming back!

Here is another breathing technique to practice.

The most important is to always be conscious of your center, make it part of your life and attention, as your hands are.

It will take your presence away from your mind that most of the time disturbs more than helps.

It will bring you closer to a state called “no mind”, well known by all martial arts practitioners.

When you are connected and centered all your body organizes itself around it, it transforms your posture and your presence.

And it is the root for the flower to open at the heart level, your chest can be wide open because it has something strong to lean on.

Since it is your gravity center, it connects you to all gravity centers in the universe.

It opens the possibility to the body to be strong and efficient with a minimum of effort.

Makes you powerful, calm and rooted.

Brings you to the only place that really exists: here and now!

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Let your Tantien be your best friend!


Dowsing, Ancient White Magic Technique

Dowsing, also called radiesthesy, is a way to communicate with the part in us that is connected to knowledge, silent knowledge, and most of the time subconscious knowledge.

To become aware of this knowledge one needs to practice and learn to listen to his intuition, sensations, and inner voice.

Our body receives endless information all the time. Most of the time we are not aware of it.

Dowsing is a technique that enables us to become aware of the information our body receives.

We ask the body precise questions that can be answered by “yes” or “no” and we can read the answer on the tool.

There are as many radiesthesy techniques as there are dowsers. With practice, each one develops his own way to receive and translate the information.

Some use a pendulum, a stick or rods and some do deviceless, chi, inner or intuitive radiesthesy.

Healers work with it to measure vitality, detect health problems and choose remedies, some use it to find underground water, petroleum or gold. Others use it to charge crystals or activate energetic processes.

Geobiologists dowse to locate geopathy and to measure the energy level of sites on the Bovis Biometer. Some of them work on the land and others on maps.

Radiesthesy requires a mental state commonly called the state of “no mind”, a state where the inner dialogue, also called the crazy monkey, quiets down. When you are in this state you don’t let your thoughts, doubts or wishes interfere, and are totally silent and open to receive information.

It is almost impossible to dowse for yourself or the people you are emotionally involved with, because your fears or wishes interfere subconsciously. It is the same when checking your own house for geopathy.

Radiesthesy requires also a physical state. The body must be relaxed free of tension. Tension disturbs the flow of energy from your body to the tool. If you do deviceless dowsing, the tensions will not allow you to feel the sensation that is the answer to your question.

The best tool to learn radiesthesy with, as a beginner is the pendulum. The pendulum shows you the answers clearly and puts your doubts aside.

The pendulum itself or the material it is made of are not important, you can hang anything that has some weight on a wire and make it a pendulum.

The dowsing practice

Dowsing technique

The first thing to find out is the pendulum’s movement that means “yes” and the one that means “no”. They are different for each person. There are many possible exercises to find this out.

Hold your pendulum between thumb and index of the hand you feel more comfortable with. Don’t forget to relax shoulders and arms.

Dowsing technique

Here is the first exercise: Hold your pendulum above the palm of your other hand. Wait to see which movement the pendulum does. You can give it a back and forth starting swing or hold it still. The movement of the pendulum above the palm of your hand means “yes”.

Then turn your hand and hold the pendulum above the back side of your hand, the movement that shows up means “no”.
The second exercise is to ask true questions, for example hold your pendulum above a glass of water and ask the question: “Is this a glass of water? The movement that will show up means “yes”.

Then ask “Is this a glass of wine?” and the movement that will show up means “no”.

Learn to phrase your questions precisely. Clear and simple questions that can only be answered by “yes” or “no”. Then practice, practice, practice as much as you can, until you become confident about the answers you get.

Your pendulum gets charged with energies when you use it, and needs to be washed with streaming water from time to time. To check if it is charged before you start working, you can use the first exercise described above. If your pendulum doesn’t show the usual “yes-no” movements and acts weird above the palm of your hand, it needs to be cleaned.

You can also place the pendulum on an orgone charging plate when you don’t use it, to clean it.

Before you start to check earth energies or people, there are three important questions to ask.

The first question is “Am I ready ?” Which means: Am I in the right state physically and mentally to do this work now?

The second one is “Can I?” Which means: Do I have the required knowledge and energy level to do this work?

The third question is “May I?” which means: Do I have the permission from the site or the person to do it? If the answer to the three questions is “yes”, you can start.

Good luck!

Lightstones Orgone Pendulum

A regular pendulum needs to be cleaned regularly, if it is charged with information it will lose its precision.

A pendulum made of orgonite, cleans itself continuously, and is never charged.

Lightstones’ Pendulums exist in four different variations: emerald, garnet, larimar or ametyst.

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